Rackboyz Fitness. Alright, so I’m back on
this Nutribullet thing, anybody that’s been following my Nutribullet videos, especially
if you saw one of the last ones, the downsize to the Nutribullet, I was showing you a lot
of the problems with the blade and all of that. Now, one thing that I was saying was
the newer models they have made some improvements to it. Now I have..I borrowed a new model
from somebody and I took a look at the blade. You can clearly see that the blade..the blade
first of all, let me get the other one, the blade is..they change the style of the blade
a little bit, just the handle of the blade which shouldn’t be a big deal because this
one was good, but if you see the inside, this is the old one. These are the ones that were
coming apart at the seam, pretty much in the middle, and that’s where you are getting your
leakage from. Now you look at the new one, they reinforced it. You see the difference?
Look at that, it’s a lot, you know, it’s a lot more reinforced. It doesn’t look like
it’s gonna come lose and leak. So in the bottom of it, you see how this bottom of this has
this steel down here? The other one, the old one was more open, see? This is where the…the
stuff is coming through here when it gets loose and then it’s gonna pour right out of
here and then it’s gonna get all into your base and eventually when you turn it over
it’s gonna drip back into the cup, its gonna get into your stuff. You see this one is reinforced
so it’s definitely not gonna leak. So it’s a big difference. So these are the differences
in the blades. The base is pretty much the same other than, if you see the new one, around
the edge is kind of like, it’s better reinforced. This one seems more like, it was like some
type of seal around it so it kind of looks like stuff can get in the middle, get between
it. This one is straight up you can see the seal right there, it looks like solid steel
or metal, whatever it is, seal. So you are not gonna get any leakage into the base unless
it gets into this little hole but the way this stuff is reinforced you shouldn’t have
that problem. So I had heard that, you know, the newer ones were better, they made modifications,
there are some other little thing right there I don’t know what that’s about but it’s definitely
better reinforced so you shouldn’t be getting that leakage. Also, I looked online, you can buy the replacement
blade and the extra cups, it comes in an extra kit and its about $25 or so. So it�s pretty
affordable. So I would look into that, I�m gonna actually order myself one next week
but, you know, I was telling people that the newer ones was supposed to be reinforced,
from what I heard, and I am seeing it for myself directly and they definitely made some
improvements. So if you haven�t purchased your Nutribullet, hold on, if you have purchased
your Nutribullet recently check and see if this is what your blade looks like. If your
blade looks like this you are probably not gonna have the issue but if you have one of
the older ones you might wanna try to order a new one and make sure it�s one of the
reinforced blades. So I hope this helps, it�s definitely a
different�Please hit the like button if you feel this has been helpful, until next
time, stay focus, stay fit people, RackBoyz Fitness.