I need your advice about Nordyne furnace problems. A problem some people report is that the constant
steady flashing that says it is fine looks a lot like the one flash error code; a steady
green light would be better. I’m not having trouble with error codes
I can’t figure out. Their spiral ignitors are fragile and break
a lot. If it is broken, the thing won’t light up. Their furnaces have problems with turning
on the fan though you don’t really want it to do anything, with a weak flame indicator. The temperature may be lower than the thermostat
set point, so the heat kicked in, or the thermostat is reading wrong and thinks your warm house
isn’t hot enough. I’m talking about it being set at 70 F and
turning on the furnace with blowers but not flame, but it thinks there is. How do you fix that, if it isn’t the thermostat? Reboot it by turning it off, then turn it
back on. I cannot imagine what would trigger that. It could be a malfunctioning control board,
which a reboot sometimes resolves. Or it could be that the area around the furnace was so
hot it turned on the blower to cool things off. The cold dark basement where it resides is
the coolest part of the house. So the control board was shorted out by humidity.
Or you have an older Nordyne furnace that has a temperature activated blower switch. It sounds weird to hear that the furnace blowers
could turn on because the house is too hot. Their furnace blowers tend to die every year
or two. If it is running even in the summer, I can
see why. A common complaint people have is that the
warranty with the Nordyne furnace doesn’t transfer if you buy a house with one. I’m assuming that does not count builder’s
grade furnaces. No, this is more often when you buy it and
install it. The ten year warranty still falls short even if it is in your home for ten years,
though I doubt it. So you think they have so many problems that
it isn’t worth it. Many of their warranties end up being five
years on parts and never covering labor, because you didn’t fill out all the paperwork up
front or they lost it as a cost saving measure. Most warranties do not cover labor anymore,
just like they do not cover the cost of refrigerant once Freon was phased out for more expensive
refrigerants. If you have a Maytag furnace made by Nordyne
or a Nordyne branded one, you’ll still have problems getting it serviced because of all
the hurdles they put in front of repair guys to get reimbursed.