I strongly believe that Nofap is the number one most life-changing change that you can make in your life today but there’s a lot of skepticism behind quitting pornography as our society actually encourages young men and women to watch porn and masturbate it’s considered normal it’s considered healthy and because of this there’s millions of people on this planet that are not aware of the dangerous side effects of viewing pornography so today I’m going to convince you to take on the Nofap challenge and quit pornography for good by using scientific evidence to back up my claims now before we even jump into pornography itself we have to talk about a special little neurotransmitter called dopamine what is dopamine why is it important dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for seeking and searching rewards dopamine provides us with the motivation and drive to pursue potential rewards or long-term goals if you’ve ever crave the desert that was all because of dopamine if you ever spent hours on a video game trying to level up that was dopamine if you ever dragged your ass out of bed to go to class in the morning that was dopamine without it you lose all motivation to go out there and do things scientists have even conducted experiments when they turned off the dopamine receptors in rats and found that the rats would become so lazy that they die of starvation even though there was food in their cage they simply had no motivation drugs like cocaine heroin adderall all work on the dopamine receptors in your brain they stimulate the dopamine receptors at extremely high levels your body is constantly trying to maintain homeostasis which is a baseline level so when presented with levels are not natural your brain reacts by decreasing your overall number of receptors what are the effects of lower amount of dopamine studies have shown that people with low dopamine receptors have the following side effects fatigue lack of motivation insomnia mood swings memory loss social anxiety low libido sugar cravings stress inability to connect with others inability to focus and there’s also growing evidence that low dopamine is a direct cause of the depression you’re probably thinking well that’s for hardcore drugs there’s no way pornography can have a similar effect on my nervous system as cocaine and it’s here where you’re wrong sexual stimuli is actually the most stimulating dopamine activity you can naturally partake in is because sex is crucial for the survival of your jeans so your body always rewarded you the most for it it raises your dopamine levels to around two hundred percent which is the same amount as morphine and a bit lower in cocaine which stands at three hundred percent and unlike cocaine which peaks at three hundred percent for only a couple of minutes pornography has the ability to stay above towards percent for as long as you like this is due to something called the Coolidge effect when scientists put a male mouse into a cage with a female Mouse they observe that the mice would have a ton of sex but over time the male will start to get less and less interested he would have a hard time reaching orgasm and eventually he was no longer interested in having sex this indicated that dopamine levels decreased over time however when a new female Mouse was introduced his dopamine levels with Spike all the way back up and he be able to go at it again in fact if the scientists continue to introduce new female mice into his cage he would keep having sex until he physically could not move this same effect is a hundred percent present in humans this means while watching pornography you can consistently keep your dopamine levels high by watching different videos every new video every new clip you watch is like taking another little bump of cocaine and unlike cocaine which is something you can only do so much of because of its high cost difficulty to get and risk of overdose it’s entirely possible for you to watch porn for hours and hours at a time and remember for the entire time you’re watching porn your bombarding your brain with dopamine levels equivalent to those caused by some hardcore drugs and of course when that happens your brain starts decreasing the amount of dopamine receptors you have and over the course of years of watching porn you end up doing some serious damage to dopamine reward circuits this is a large reason as to why there are so many men out there that have mental disorders such as social anxiety depression and lack of motivation it’s because they are constant screwing with your dopamine and the worst part is that society is actually encouraging them to do so its to no surprise that people who take on the Nofap challenge and quit pornography for good have reported things like more motivation more libido less anxiety and increasing social skills a feeling of being alive again it’s because when they finally stopped watching porn their dopamine levels start returning to normal take on the no-fat challenge and I can guarantee that you’ll see the same benefits i will absolutely make a video on how to actually go about quitting pornography so if you don’t want to miss it please subscribe if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer all of them