Improvement Pill here when I first
started my nofap journey I actually documented my experiences in
a journal I had amazing streaks where I not only abstained from porn and
masturbation but ejaculation as well mainly because I was single and I
recorded all of the benefits I saw whenever they came up so because no not
November is coming around again I decided to dig up my old journal entries
to give you an idea of what benefits I saw throughout this journey hopefully
this will motivate and inspire some of you to take on this challenge because it
genuinely changed my life and I know it can do the same for you if you give it a
try this is the No FAP slash no nut November (semen retention) benefit timeline the first 48
hours days one in two okay so this was always the toughest period for me the
urges were strong and there was always a ton of brain fog I had a hard time
thinking clearly and I found myself stuttering a lot during conversations
this was actually the period of time that I relapsed the most into especially
if I stayed indoors and didn’t have any plans for the day because there’s so
much brain fog I had less self-awareness so I didn’t even notice myself slipping
into the state that ultimately caused me to relapse many many times it almost
felt like I didn’t know what I was doing until I had already done it the only
benefits I really saw in the first 48 hours would be an increase in my brain’s
clarity as the fog slowly started to fade away my most effective strategy
during this time was to physically get out of the house go to the gym go see a
friend go do some errands go do some work or study at the local Starbucks
because staying in the house all day usually meant I would relapse again the
next 48 hours also known as days three and four the next two days days three
and four came with some pretty noticeable benefits the most apparent
was a significant boost to my levels of self-esteem I usually felt bad about
what I had done the first two days after relapse I would have thoughts like I’m
such a failure why am I so weak I’m pathetic and this wasn’t a good thing
because whenever I was outside at a social outing my levels of confidence
were pretty much non-existent because of these thoughts it was so bad that I
would come up with excuses to skip out on these events because of all the
guilts and shame but when I reached days three and four
I found that those thoughts became much less calm
and this meant that I was a lot more confident in myself I found myself doing
much better during social interactions I found myself being able to hold longer
eye contact I was more lively I had more fun and it seemed like others enjoyed my
company more than usual days five and six it’s around this point where my
energy levels started to become noticeably higher it became much easier
to jump out of bed and get the day started I found myself being able to
accomplish most of the tasks I had set out to do for the day before the day was
over when I was off the wagon when I was in periods of relapse
I usually struggled with sticking to all the other good habits that I knew I
should have been sticking to like meditation reading and going to the gym
but upon reaching days five and six I actually wanted to educate myself I
actually wanted to lift heavy things I actually wanted to improve my mental
strength I actually wanted to get things done my self-esteem continued to grow at
this point as I noticed myself having even less negative thoughts throughout
the day and as I started feeling proud of all the things that I was able to
accomplish every day day seven now this is a very special day with very very
noticeable benefits a Chinese study actually found that for some reason on
day seven from abstaining from any form of ejaculation our testosterone levels
spiked to a hundred forty-five percent of their baseline levels and boy oh boy
this extra forty five percent is definitely noticeable most people would
expect one to feel more hot-headed and aggressive with all that extra
testosterone but honestly it didn’t feel like that the best way to describe day
seven for me is in charge like the kingpin of a mob like you know
everything is going to go your way and that the world is your oyster I found
myself taking more initiative going out of my way to make plans with others
setting up parties asking people to come eat with me Andrey sparking
conversations with childhood friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while
there was a strong sense of calm that enveloped my entire being whenever I got
to around day seven and day eight one of my journal entries recalls a day where I
had to give a 20-minute presentation in front of class all by myself this was
something that usually would have made me very nervous but that day
I felt nothing I wasn’t scared whatsoever it was just another walk in
the park they sevens and eight were also where I
started taking more initiative with my dating life another journal entry
recalls an experience where I was working out at the gym and I spotted a
cute girl and I literally could not stop myself from going up to her and chatting
her up it felt wrong to not talk to her like I said it felt like the world is
your oyster like everything was going to go your way so all the self-doubt that
would have usually filled my head in moments like this
they were non-existent one very important thing to note is that the
urges on day seven and eight are incredibly erratic they came in intense
waves throughout the day I always always always had to get out of the house and
spend the majority of the day outside in order to make sure I can make it past
those two days and unfortunately after day seven and eight most of these
benefits would seemingly disappear overnight but think of it as a teaser
for what truly awaits you if you continue on this journey two weeks in
about two weeks in I started to develop what I like to call social balls of
steel I became extremely confident when it came to social interactions I found
myself holding prolonged the eye contact with people I also found myself saying
whatever came to mind I became more blunt and honest with those around me
not being scared to state how I truly felt about things or how I truly felt
about someone and this actually led to deeper conversations as people were more
willing to share their true feelings and whatever was going on in their mind with
me to top that off the urge to talk to people in general would increase
drastically I found myself sparking random
conversations with almost every single person that was in my vicinity in the
elevator on the bus on the train it didn’t matter if they were next to me
for an extended period of time I was going to start some sort of
conversation with them now before I tell you about the amazing benefits I saw
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months about the next time I host the training back to the topic at hand at
the one month mark man oh man my favorite thing about making it to the
one month mark is the crystal-clear mental clarity you don’t know what being
smooth is like until you reach one month the wit and mental acrobatics then I
started being able to pull off during conversations would always come in at
around this point in my journey I’ve had a lot of students comment on my ability
to go on forty minute monologues without ever having to pause a single time to
think about what to say next that’s what I mean by mental acrobatics I found
myself having an instant clever response to just about anything that people threw
my way I found myself being able to flirt with anyone without any hesitation
I found myself being able to have deep conversations with complete strangers in
the matter of minutes how as smooth as butter but that’s not all it’s around
the one-month mark where the benefits that I got a taste of on day seven came
back my confidence was sky-high I started to believe I could do anything
if I put my mind to it I felt like I was in control of my life and the world
around me my productivity levels also skyrocketed I was able to knock off all
the tasks I know I had to complete before noon essays reading assignments
and the like were all done way before they were actually due and unlike after
day seven this time the benefits actually stuck around two months to
three months the majority of the most noticeable benefits plateaued at around
the one-month mark to be honest I don’t think I ever got any more productive or
confident past that point but around the two to three month mark I always started
doing a lot better with the ladies without even having to try I remember
going to a house party and I somehow ended up with a girl who was an entire
head taller than me she was so much taller that she had to bend down to kiss
me I felt like a kid being kissed goodbye on my first day of school
and this will definitely weird cuz girls were even
just a bit taller than me usually never bothered to look my way but two to three
months in there I was there was also another instance where I was invited to
a karaoke event with like 10 to 15 other people and a chick from across the room
the most attractive girl in that entire room who all the other guys were trying
to chat up she had her friend come up to me and
tell me that she wanted to get my number these instances might have been caused
by the fact that they saw me cracking jokes of everyone around me and the fact
that I was having a lot of fun I don’t really know because in all of these
instances and the many others I haven’t mentioned I didn’t really have to put in
much effort it almost seemed like they were magnetically attracted to me it was
almost like magic the most success with girls I’ve ever had in my life was when
I managed to reach the 2 to 3 month mark and to be completely honest I’m not
really gonna talk about the benefits I saw past this point for two main reasons
the first is that I didn’t really see any more benefits the confidence the
productivity the mental acrobatics the urge to socialize and the general boost
in levels of happiness all pretty much plateaued at this point but don’t take
this the wrong way this was more than enough life was good actually no life
was amazing whenever I got this far the second
reason is that I’ve only ever managed to venture past three months without any
form of ejaculation once in my entire life because I always managed to get a
girlfriend before the three-month mark was over so I can’t really tell you too
much about the benefits of no nut after that plus the one time I went past three
months it honestly just felt the same for me but I will say one thing if I
relapsed at any point in time throughout this entire journey I would lose
practically all of the benefits overnight and have to start from day one
all over again and by relapse I mean watching porn
masturbating and ejaculating like that wet dreams and sex did not reset the
benefits for me it took me more than three years of trial and error to
finally shake this addiction if you want to learn more about the exact strategy I
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using the link down below so you can get news on my free training
besides that guys I hope this video has been insightful and inspiring for some
of you if you are someone who indulges in this form of pleasure very often I
see you try staying away from it for just a
week you’ll get a glimpse of what’s waiting for you on the other side a
glimpse of the good life