No, I don’t thank you for your service. The Majority of the people in the military live at safe bases watch netflix, play video games, eat fast food, and party with the locals then get paid every two weeks. our economy is actually largely built around them getting their checks we basically work to take care of people who get a regular income with no hard return from our investments of $600 billion dollars a year. Sure, there is that portion that do productive or protective activities but many don’t they either do menial/meaningless task or push paper around or actually make us unsafer with chaotic activities foreign aid is bloated we spend billions on unusable tech and then you have our presence in japan where we’re basically subsidized security guards. Japan should pay all the expenses if we’re protecting them Kudos to the people who were actually in warzones and that were in danger not that we needed to be there most of the time. I actually don’t get tracking veterans since civilians that face and are traumatized by terrorist attacks, crime, mass shootings, rape aren’t tracked for life to make sure they get discounts, benefits and healthcare Walking out your door is walking is like walking into a war-zone sometimes in the USA while many people walking out of one of are 800 military bases are in no foreseeable danger. if the military budget wasn’t so high it could help fund healthcare, college and higher wages or even a basic income but we’re told it needs to be that high to protect us yet we’re plagued by mass shootings, suicides and overdoses which could be deterred if people could afford mental health care or weren’t worked to death Ironic that they get healthcare when people are dying because they have to ration their insulin. Kind of pointless to have the military policing the world to “keep us safe” when you’re already dead. Actually it’s redundant. Now I see why they drill that ‘thank you for your service’ into our heads since if we’re busy chiming that reactively were blind to the fact to what is really happening and we don’t question it. So no I don’t thank you for your service. Actually I want to say thank you to the survivors of these ghettos in America and these mass shootings and these sexual assaults. Thank YOU for your service.