[Music] 300 and something
homes were destroyed, numerous businesses, probably $15 million
worth of damage. Before the event the American Red Cross and
National Service, as partners, worked together with the training of the
volunteers in first aid, CPR, and what we call
Shelter Operations. AmeriCorps, they
had the experience, they had
the training, They were the organization
that got us going. I admire the
AmeriCorps volunteers who take off
part of their life and they work. AmeriCorps does
such a remarkable job and I think building
the character also of those
young people who will go back as adults
into their community and will be the future
leaders of that community and maybe
Governor someday. We are at Public Elementary
School in North Denver; we have over 90% free
and reduced lunch. So this is
rather a economically
challenged community that we serve here. The extra attention that our Senior Corps volunteers
are offering these kids makes a huge difference
academically. Jonah was… just had a
difficult birth and basically was out of
oxygen for over 17 minutes, so we knew
right away that he was going to
have a challenging life. I think with Jonah, the impact I’ve seen
on him with Senior Corps is that he just feels more
involved in the curriculum. He thrives during that
45 minutes to an hour that he works
with Grandma Emma. I enjoy working
with the kids and trying to
help them learn that they can do
a lot of things that a lot of people
think they can’t do. When we’re serving
in the military, we have a mission. When we come back, we don’t have
that mission. We don’t have that
sense of purpose. During this last
VetCorps year, we’ve had
31 members, and those 31 members served
7,000 active duty members, family members,
or veterans over the course
of the year; in other words,
they’ve touched 7,000 lives. I’m a survivor of a
traumatic brain injury. The situation was
a suicide bomber blew himself up about
10 feet from our truck. The past two years that I’ve been working
on this TBI project, I feel like it has been a
perfect transition program. Because of Tim,
because of VetCorps, we were able
to get a doctor who was able to treat
him for what he has. You see all this
information we had to find
out from Tim. VetCorps changed
our life. If it wasn’t
for VetCorps, I don’t think we’d be
sitting here today. AmeriCorps was
the first one here, and they continued to be
in that process all along, even months after
we’d started recovery, even months after
we were rebuilding. I think FM Day would be lost
without our foster grandparents. Without the Corporation for
National Community Service, we can’t possibly
extend the program, so the Corporation really is
a leader in this whole regard. [Music]