So today I’ll be making a completely different video. I’ve got the location of an abandoned mansion. And the plan is to meet the Velnys Media and his buddy. And we’ll be going there. Currently we’re thinking to spend a night there, but if we get lucky we might be able to spend the entire 24 hours there. So I don’t really know what to expect. If you want to see similar content to this, subscribe to this channel and leave a like. The first thing we need is a tent, I think. Two-man tent right there. Two-man tent for three people. Let’s take a few flashlights with us. This one is a must have. 6 Euros. At least one of these. We need something to help us prepare the food. Let’s take the cheapest toaster. Let’s get some bread. One. Two. Kobe. Actually we don’t need this much. -Mister, do you have a discount card by any chance?
-No I don’t. I won’t be having a discount it seems. I need to manage my finances better. We still need to fill the Subaru with gas. What are you going to do here? How many tries do I have here? It’s nonsense. It just lifts it up a bit and that’s all. -Yesterday you told me that it was possible.
-I did? -You told me.
-Well I thought it was possible, but I changed my mind after your attempt. With the whole cart. Did we just stall? Oh it’s still hanging a bit, and now it’s done… Turn the hazards on. Don’t stall on me now. D And let’s continue slowly. Oh look, it’s picking up the pace. The fuel must’ve settled. We’ve made it somehow. Let’s hope 5 liters will be enough. There was a flame out the exhaust. It must be somewhere that way. We’re in the middle of nowhere. The good thing is that it’s not dark yet. Pretty steep. If you were to go here, there would be no way to get you out. We’ll go here on the side. Let’s move this out of the way. And then just jump over it. We’ll measure the depth. There’s a road right there. Wouldn’t it have been better to take that road? I went for a walk in the forest. We need to go that way. Why did you turn the other way? GPS told us to go there. We’re looking for a better way to go through here. Shoes are as always… Around 40 centimeters. Maybe we’ll make it through. 50 euros for a dive? For 50 euros? B****, wait. We’ll I am not putting much effort into turning the steering wheel, but if it goes it goes. If it’s possible, we’ll turn around. I hope we won’t get stuck OPAPA! -Is there any space left in the back?
-Well you can try, there’s around a meter. Hey what the hell man. Once again the bumper gone. Everything’s alright. Most importantly we made it out of there. We just need to think of a way to attach the bumper. It’s the other way around. Here, maybe it’ll hold. Here. Let’s try like this Or just put it inside and forget it. I can’t see my friend. It seems we’ll have a really long night fixing this. -Edva
-Hi there. I am flooring it. We just stalled. Oh boy. What could’ve happened? We’ll have to wait for the air filter to dry out. And we’ll be able continue. Auxiliary fan just kicked in for some reason. -This one?
-Yeah. It shouldn’t break, since it’s the original. Thank you. The motor is gone on the second off road trip. Last time it was the gearbox and now it’s the motor. There’s a lot of water here. Okay Edva. Where do we need to go? The thing is that there are local inhabitants here. Window is open. Can you see something inside?
-Yeah There’s someone up there. Each floor has one window open. *OUT OF CONTEXT* You can try to turn on the night vision. Maybe you’ll able to see something. It’s pretty high right here. Just like that. It’s possible to get inside it seems. Have you saw those candles? If you didn’t see we can go an take a look. I was going and suddenly saw the candles. Wait a second, turn away the flashlight. It’s some kind of well. Holly s***. Someone must’ve fallen into this well and perished. I am telling you. Don’t forget that we’ll be staying the night . Wait, what was there? The floor is all collapsed. Seems that way. That’s creepy. And on this side. You can easily get lost here. Look at the ceiling. It sounds pretty close. And I’ve lost the sense of direction. Can’t tell which way the car is parked. Let’s not forget out plan. We need to take our stuff and bring everything inside. OPAPA. UNCLE. I’ve farted. Copyright Vaidotas. So you’ve said you’ve wanted E46 330i? We can dream, and take a look at the American market. Of course the E46 is not worth it. But there are a lot of good deals if you manage to get them really cheap. We might be able to bring it over. I don’t think there were diesels in America. I have an option for you. Can you imagine how cheap the cars are in the US? Take a look at this. It’s gonna take a bit to load the website. The auction is going to take place soon. But you can “BUY IT NOW” for 600 dollars. Rust free, M-Tech 1 bumper I think. Let’s get the VIN number first. And then head to And we’ll be able to find out something more about this E46. If you want to get 20% discount. The link is in the description. There have been a lot of owners over the years. And you can see in how many different states the vehicle has been to. First impressions are not very good. We have the pictures of the auction itself. We have all the defects recorded. We can see that the rear doors are all scratched up. Even if you’re buying the car in Lithuania, and the car was brought from the US. Using the VIN Number, you can see a lot of information and pictures from the auction that it was bought. If the vehicle happened to be wrecked and then repaired, you’d be able to see that. Moving on. We can see that the odometer readings are around 290k kilometers, as I’ve mentioned before. And there are no records indicating that the vehicle was in the accident. So, think about this option. Buy now price is even better now. A sec. Seems we’ve lost the internet connection Buy now price is 425USD. E46 looks like new. Has an M-Tech 1 bumper on. You could do some research on importing the cars. Customs shouldn’t be high. Just look at the price of the vehicle. Customs 20USD? Prices are incredible. If we were living there. Imagine what kind of things we’d be doing. It’s getting cold it seems. Here you go. No records regarding car accidents. And the mileage seems a lot lower. Well not a lot, but around 50k lower than the previous option. So if you take a look here, you can see that the option is worth your time. I think we’ll have a lot of time to think about these options. And you can head to Enter the VIN number of the vehicle that you’re interested in And take a look at the vehicles history and records. It’s eleven past six. So we’ve assembled our tent. And we’ve got ourselves a source of light. And now we need to make ourselves dinner. It feels really comfy here. Today we have ourselves a classical square sandwich. So let’s make ourselves sandwiches first, because we are not sure if our battery is going to be able to handle the toaster. It’s going to be very delicious. It’s time for the big moment of truth. I reckon the battery is going to explode. Wait a sec, did I get the polarity wrong? Looks like I did not. Battery is good so far. Sandwiches are thick. Corner just broke off. Okay it’s on. It must be signaling that the power is low. I wonder which one is going to burn up first. Sandwiches or the Inverter? It’s not working. You can turn it off.
Let’s check the temperature. Uhm.. Battery must be weak. On the second thought… It’s great. It’s sixteen past seven. We’ve only been here for an hour. And I thought we’ve spent from three to four hours already. Oh… B****. Whole house is ours. -I don’t feel to comfortable.
-Why are you so afraid? Anyways, alright. We’ve been here for… It’s currently, It’s eleven forty nine. Almost midnight. It’s not like this place is that scary. But I think we should be packing our things and going home. If you want more videos like this, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel. *INAUDIBLE?*