hi I’m Brandon Baril owner and operator of
Quick Water Heater in this video I’m going to show you How To Replace Your Thermocouple
what the thermocouple does is basically allows your water heater to turn on your
gonna know if you’re thermocouples broken into every time we tried to like
your water heater I like haiti needs to go out as the telltale sign their normal
couple needs to be replaced the process is relatively simple the parts are cheap
and show you everything you need to know right here in this video ok so the first thing you do is turn off
the gas this system a cover doesn’t really do
anything you’re not really going to need to many tools for this particular jobs a
simple question Ranch will I see what we’re trying to achieve ok so you remove
these colors that are underneath here to get pictures that you can see what I’m
actually doing this is used to this is what actually allows the pilot little
baby flame presence what she calls that the next one is going to be your main
this is your main bridge about these things a lot larger to accommodate the
Madagascar need in the last 10 couple now this is your thermostat t-stat
sometimes called the controller this is your pilot assembly this little guy
right here thermocouples so what it does is the
pilot to was here when you push this button down its gonna shoot a little
flame out it’s going to keep this up and what this does is actually creates a
tiny my logistical milk balls and Noble percent up the copper tube to the
controller if it’s a magnet and let sit know hey we have a fully know you think
about it if this means murder turns on and there’s no flame to ignite this your
room with gas and then say you come home and open the garage door comes from your
garage door opener and doing the whole place was so this is your means he
burner your means safety feature for the burners and we think it’s particularly
water here is super easy to show you all you do is just cause of injury hear back tapped out of the way that out here’s our old thermocouple here’s our
new one little bag like this in terms of coming a little box inside of the bag
from Home Depot what I suggested you so that you can write heart is calling
manufacture first tell them and make them more couples out and ask them to
million apart reason why is because they really give you the exact 19 with
products we kind of North top of your head that there are probably fifteen
different versions of the same guys who make sure you get the rain warning don’t
do this whole thing and realize it doesn’t get out of the bag was gonna
feed it to the little hole until you go inside the school drama here when she
got it you got her number that the flame needs to hit this to create indelible so
make sure that there is going to be direct contact from the pilot to plane
when she had always been the two about putting back in here and start
connecting on your stuff ok so now that we’ve got the
thermocouple installed in place a general electorate from one side to the
other so go ahead and attach your local first
he won’t make sure that every time when you get it tight once you put them all on you may not be
able to hear everything is back in place first thing you want to do is turn the
water heater to pilot light our vacation that does make sure that when you
actually this thing let that it doesn’t turn on right away you won’t put the
normandy pilot position you wanted to press it towards to do this but this is all I
have at the moment so when you hold the tube down foresaw it turn this until
children gas on hold the button down because I’ve opened everything up and
got all the existing gas out you know the whole it down for a little bit
longer to fill the controller and the tubes of with fuel so you can see you’re
not but I got a little flame lit and what I’m doing now is pilot to the
sending a sin and thrown up was actually sending the controller billable to let
it know hey we have an active plane once the controller realize is that ok
there’s a full name you should be able to lift off the pilot and it will stay
on if you’ve done it properly the polling will stay on your own good
you control your water heater knob to on the menu couple ok so if you follow the steps
they showed you your water heater should be back up and running to go one step
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