(upbeat music) – Next. Checking in? – You know it. – Go ahead and place any bags
or pets on the scale please. – No problem. (screeching) – I can not allow that
animal to board the plane. – Oh, no, no, no, it’s okay, it’s okay. She’s a service animal. – She’s a dinosaur. – I mean, he needs her
for emotional support. (thumping) – No.
– Yes, please. We’re not just one of
those bogus a-hole couples. I get anxiety and I need
her to calm me down. – A word, ’cause I’m getting
anxiety just standing here. (screeching) – Shh. I was with at birth. And I’ve been separated from her one time and I will not let that happen again. – He wouldn’t have the courage
to talk to you right now if she weren’t here. – Exactly. – He’s the most cowardly
man you’ve ever seen. – Well.
– It’s so unattractive. – Okay, that’s really helping. Listen, I didn’t wanna do this, but I read the bylaws and
there’s no specific rules stating that I can’t have
a dinosaur on your plane. So, load her up.
(screeching) – It could kill everyone on board. – Name one person who
was killed by a dinosaur. – What about at that park they
keep having to close down? – What park? – We don’t know what you’re talking about. – Look, I wanna help you,
but I have to at least know that you have some
control over the animal. – You wanna see control? I’ll show you control. – She’s highly trained. Watch. (screeching) – No, that’s wrong. That’s just, she’s super submissive. – Oh really? – Oh yeah.
– Yeah. – Sit. (screeching) – Come on, you have to say with authority. Watch. Blue, go full beast mode. (screeching) – Very good, honey. Blue, eat your pole. Huh? – You’re just saying
things she’s already doing. – Blue, stay! See, she’s understand. – She’s in a kennel, where’s she — (screeching) Oh no! – Here we go. – Can I speak with your supervisor? – Hi, I’m Raphael from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff. And if you could just click here, it would really satisfy my OCD. (sighs) Thanks a lot, that really hit the spot.