Today we’re going to take apart the 2014
version of the Moto G with the camera on the right side. The original version of the Moto
G has the camera on the left side. To start off we’re going to take off the back plate.
I just start down by the charging port and use a pry tool or your fingernails and just
take off the back plate, sliding your fingernails around the backside. It’s just a piece of
plastic; you don’t need to worry too much about it. It pops off pretty easily. There
are a ton of screws along the backside as well. Take those off. I believe it’s a T5
Torx head that you need to remove them. The tools will be in the video description below.
You can see a bunch of copper pads on the underside of this as you take it off. Those
are for the antennas as well as the ear piece speakers. Take off the ear piece connection
as well as the front facing camera. And this piece of tape covers the LCD connector. Lift
up the black little flap and that will allow you to remove the LCD ribbon cable from the
motherboard. Lift off the SD card and SIM card ribbon cable. It’s kind of like a little
Lego connection that holds it to the motherboard. Then you can take your pry tool and slide
it underneath the ribbon cable and make sure not to bend it or kink it too much or else
you might damage it. I will try to link all the replacement parts in the video description
below. It looks to me like this vibrator motor is attached to the ribbon cable so to grab
that out make sure you lift it from the bottom and grab it with the tweezers. You can see
there’s a little bit of glue attached to it as well. So if you do end up having to
replace that make sure you connect it securely the same way that it looks right now. Then
I take the copper sticker from the back of the battery and lift it up. This will allow
us access to the battery so we can swap that out. Try not to rip this. If you do end up
ripping it you can kind of just piece it back together making sure copper touches copper.
To unconnect the battery, lift up on the little connector, similar to a Lego, and pop that
out. And then remember as you’re prying up the battery it’s held on by tape underneath.
Remember that you are prying against the LCD screen so try not to put too much pressure
underneath it or else you’ll end up cracking your LCD if it’s not already broken. Slip
my pry tool up towards the top and make sure not to bend the battery or puncture it at
all or else it will start smoking and melting and will probably damage something important.
There’s the battery. I will link replacement parts in the video description below. There
are three screws the same size as the T5 Torx. Get those out and then you can see under this
little tape is the camera held in place by the same little Lego connectors you’ve been
removing this whole time from the rest of the phone. Pop that off. You can see it right
here. I believe it’s an 8 mega pixel camera. Pretty straight forward to reconnect it just
pop it into place and press it down with your hand and then put over that little tape shield
when you’re done with it as well. If you’re going to replace a charging port, the only
way to do it is with a solder gun and specialized tools so good luck with that. And then the
ear piece and the front camera just lift out from the frame of the device as well. Here
is the front speaker. The bottom speaker is the exact same, just lift up from the bottom
and it’s held in place with some clear tape. Pretty straight forward. I’m going to put
that in back inside the frame. Now here’s the screen itself. This is the screen and
the frame combination combined. This is the part that you’d want to buy. If you do end
up buying just the screen without the frame, it is a little bit harder to replace it. You
have to heat up the screen and the frame and then separate the two. And then use sticky
tape to place the new screen down inside of the frame. The parts that I’ve seen listed
(this) are sold with the frame itself for only about 10 dollars more so I think it’s
way worth your time to just go with the frame/screen combination instead of just trying to go with
the screen itself. It’s very worth your time. Anyway, set the motherboard down in
place after putting the camera and ear piece back into the frame. One little trick I learned
is if you take your screw driver and hold it up against the speaker, it’s actually
a little magnet and it will magnetize your screwdriver so you don’t have to lose your
little screws as you’re putting it back in. Get the three of those screws around the
motherboard back into place and grab the battery, clip it down on the motherboard and set the
battery into place after that making sure that it lines up with the little slots on
the frame. That way you don’t have any issues when you’re trying to put that back plastic
plate back on your device. Lock down the ribbon cable connectors for the front ear piece and
the front camera. And then you can take your little copper shield and set that back over
the motherboard and battery. This kind of just shields your SD card and SIM card from
interference with the device itself as well as provides a little grounding plate. I put
the vibrator motor in first. And then clip the top next t to that little SD card reader.
And then I set the rest of the plate down after that. To get the LCD ribbon cable I
just grab with my little tweezers and line it up with the slot and then lock it down
into place as I’m holding it to make sure that’s secure. And then take the little
tape and put it in over the top of that as well. The little back plastic plate will help
hold that down into place. Grab your little buttons; they have a little black tab on top
that rest against the motherboard. These probably fell out at the beginning of the repair so
make sure you keep track of those. If your camera lens ever breaks, that little silver
part just pops off. I will try to link replacement parts in the video description below, and
you can just re-adhere it with the adhesive that comes with the new lens. Put all those
little screws back into place, pop that back cover back on and you are set. If you have
any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments below. Also read the comments
before you do the repair. A lot of people have suggestions, maybe things I forgot that
will help you out. And don’t forget to “like” the video if it helped you. And don’t forget
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