Now about 25 percent of the kids who
enter the study that they could follow up with, continued taking Daily Essential
Nutrients for a full year at an average of 12 capsules per day. So they continued
the study protocol. About a quarter, another 25 percent of the children who
had entered this study they were all medication-free when they
came into the study, about a quarter of them switched to medications as a
treatmen,t and then nearly half of them discontinued all treatments after that
20 week point. They just stopped taking anything at all to treat their ADHD and that’s how they were a year later. So what were the significant
differences between these groups? Well first of all, let’s keep talking about
the groups. The kids that were taking Daily Essential Nutrients at a year
later were more likely to have had a good response to Daily
Essential Nutrients in the first ten weeks of the clinical trial, that’s
pretty intuitive. You have a good response so you continue to take the
treatment. These kids that stayed or stuck with Daily Essential Nutrients, the
kids that stuck with Daily Essential Nutrients also were more likely to have
tried multiple medications prior to ever entering the clinical trial. So we
can only conjecture as to why this is the case. Maybe they just like to switch
things up all the time, although they did stick with Daily Essential Nutrients at
12 capsules per day for years, so that’s maybe not likely. Maybe they just
couldn’t find anything that worked very well for them and then Daily Essentials
Nutrients really nailed it. We can only conjecture
as to why that’s the case, but they were more likely to have tried a lot of
different treatments for ADHD before entering this clinical trial. Now there’s
one other significant finding here and that is that children that were taking
Daily Essential Nutrients or medications in both cases, both groups were doing
better on ADHD core symptoms, attention and hyperactivity. Then those who have no treatment, so if you’re treating ADHD with something, it’s better than no
treatment at all. Again that maybe is intuitive, but where did Daily Essential
Nutrients outperform the other two groups at 52 weeks? Where are those kids doing better? That’s the really exciting finding in my opinion, and this is just
clinician and parent ratings this time, because a year later they’re not with
the same teacher. But the hyperactivity and impulsivity part of the ADHD critera,
core ADHD criteria, was significantly improved in those taking Daily Essential
Nutrients over the other two groups this time. So this is really interesting,
maybe the hyperactivity just takes longer to respond than the attention part
which responded in just 10 weeks. We don’t know but that was
significantly improved. Also the children taking Daily Essential Nutrients were
less likely to be anxious. There was less anxiety among them. The clinicians noted
and rated less depression in these kids taking Daily Essential Nutrients and
again, their overall ability to function was dramatically improved if they were on
Daily Essential Nutrients at 52 weeks compared to medications or no treatment
at all. I’d just like to point out with this one, this is additive. This is the
same measure they measured at 10 weeks, but this is additional improvement. This is only measuring from 20 weeks to 52 weeks. That was statistically significant. So what happened is they improved in their
overall ability to function for 10 weeks, presumably maintained it, that’s
from 20 weeks to 52 weeks, improved more than that. From that point of improvement
they still improved more to 52 weeks. So we see ongoing improvement for a year. So the question is why would why would anyone stop this treatment if
it’s so effective? Well the researchers asked that question and they asked the
participants and the parents why they’d stopped. The main reasons were cost
and the requirement to take a large number of pills. These were the greatest
barriers to continuing treatment. Lots of pills, 12 capsules per day, pill fatigue
and cost. Makes sense. Importantly, however,
side-effects were not identified as a barrier to treatment and this is really
unusual with a psychiatric treatment. Indeed at a one-year follow-up, those who
stayed on micronutrients did not report any ongoing problematic side effect. That
is really impressive, to have this kind of result, these kinds of results from
Daily Essential Nutrients and no side effects to report. Not only that but in
contrast to the other alternatives like medications for
example, the researchers state, “Micronutrient treatments appeared to
lead to improvements in a number of domains including the ADHD symptoms,”
that’s hyperactivity and inattention, “but also anxiety and mood.” So it’s a broader
more comprehensive effect that leads to just better overall functioning for
these kids and the researchers point out, “The children with poor emotional
control,” all these measures about ability to function, “tend to have poorer
long-term outcomes.” So here we’re talking about their lives, what’s their life
going to be like, “Including,” they say, “placing them at risk for future alcohol abuse.” So
we’re talking about future jobs and substance abuse risk. The studies have
correlated ADHD symptoms in children with increased risk of poor long-term
life outcomes and these improvements the researchers say improvements that they
measured on mood as well as ADHD core symptoms bode well for improving life
outcomes. So if you’re taking Daily Essential Nutrients and seeing some
improvement and its costly or there’s just a lot of pills to swallow,
at Hardy Nutritionals, we know those are barriers to continuing treatment. But
we’re really interested in efficacy more than anything else, because just like
every parent wants for their child, all the parents of the children in this
study, what they want is the outcomes. They want the results, they want those improved life outcomes years down the road by solving these
symptoms when the kids are young. That efficacy we’re not willing at
Hardy Nutritionals to sacrifice for fewer pills or any other lower
prices or anything. We’re trying to deliver an improve quality of life, improve
life outcomes for people. So if those are barriers for you, call us, talk
to us, talk to our customer service. We’ll do everything we can to help overcome
those barriers, and any other barriers you have to using Daily
Essential Nutrients to good effect, to get the best outcomes you can for
yourself or in this case with these studies, for your kids.