this is the micro fire Excalibur h20 it
is a fully focusable 1 million CD flashlight that gives it a range equal
to the BLF GT at about half the size welcome back thank you to micro fire for
sending me this light to review much appreciated
this Excalibur it’s an LED that 1 million Candela range comes from that
little itty-bitty tiny dot inside the head I like to build quality on this
this light is made to use very easy to find switch on the neck I like neck switch if I can find it and this is a good one the finish is good it is a
zoomy the head comes in and out and it’s pretty solid very very little movement
in that the seals on it are so good watch this it’s got a little bit there the h20
comes with its own hard case it does have an integrated battery pack and a
tail plug charger 75 watt hour battery pack it feels really good and solid too
let’s have a look at our beam quality I had a wide angle we’ve got just about
perfect very vanilla color I mean just really you can see in the very center
there’s a couple of little tiny little itty-bitty dots imperfections but that’s
about it even edge to edge and then as we zoom in around the outside edges we
get kind of a yellowy gold we’re still real real nice in the center good color fiery orange on the outside not a great
blend and then when we go all the way out we turn like blue just kind of zoom
he’s always sort of have a little bit of that effect but this one’s kind of kind
of purple I’m okay with it though it still looks nice too sharp spot
let’s talk performance I looked in the instructions and on the website and
everywhere and I couldn’t find anything where they had a lumen claim at all they
had the Candela but nothing about lumens I went ahead and tested the light and I
got 297 lumens now that might seem kinda low for a light this size and the reason
for that is because it is it’s not massive but I mean it the output is
usable and I really don’t think they were going for high output the the
upside is this is fully sustainable there is no turbo timer or any
temperature thing that I was able to find you can turn this thing on
and like just run it and come back whenever I turned it on and left it and
came back in a while and by like a while I mean and when I did pick it back up it was
still at 275 lumens in the instructions micro fire stated that you could get six
and a half hours of runtime on that highest mode with this I also tested the
range the Candela their factory claim is a million and I got 1 million two
hundred thousand from mine now the reason that they’re able to pull that
off in a light with a head this small is two things even though this LED is not
super super bright it has very high surface brightness it is a little guy I
mean little little and I don’t even know what it is they wouldn’t tell me I asked
and they said that’s we’re not gonna tell you and I’ve seen the LED one other
time in another light in another prototype that we’ll talk about some
other day that a company sent me and I asked them to and they weren’t coming
off of it either they were dislike I don’t remember what they said but they
wouldn’t tell me maybe you guys recognize this emitter because I don’t
also in addition to this emitter that I have never seen they’re doing something
else I’ve never seen in a full-blown production light maybe some of you
recognize this for those of you that don’t if I’m not mistaken that is a wavien
rlt collar or or maybe a clone that they made themselves either way it looks
to me like that they’re using the light recycling technology if you’re not aware
of how the light recycling technology works it’s basically this the light from
the LED is fired outward in kind of a wide pattern and the collar is like a
reflector that’s flipped upside down the light bounces off of the inside of that
metallic surface and it’s redirected back toward the LED die and then all of
the light that would have been scattered outward bounces straight out the front
of the light and it doesn’t add to the lumen factor but it concentrates the
light much more effectively the one and only downside to this whole setup that I
see is that we even on the widest focus we do get a pretty large beam and it’s
nice but it’s not really that wide compared to my other zoomies that are a
mile wide something else I noticed about this light is when you zoom out to where
you’ve got the tight focus you really don’t lose that much output with
traditional zoom means there’s usually a massive drop here’s our beam profile with no lens and
no collar here it is with only the collar and here it is with the collar
and the lens I noticed just now – the lenses plastic either polycarbonate or
something similar it’s real lightweight tonight we’ll begin with acebeam w30
that is our white laser flashlight now let’s see microfire h20 side-by-side will keep micro fire on the
left here these beams on the right you know I can I can tell a little
difference in hot spot size ace beams still got a little a little tighter spot and for our water bounce test Microfire on the left acebeam on the
right okay something I forgot with the micro
fire the all the way zoomed out position gives us kind of that round shape but
backing it off a little bit gives us the tightest spot it’s sort of hard to see
there but it’s actually square just like our cheaper zoom II and it does make the
spot smaller here’s this is a microfiber and then acebeam w30 on the right now so really this has got just a tiny bit
smaller spot now it is possible to get a perfect image of the dye when we back it
off a little hit the camera bleeds it out quite a bit but there’s all the way
out and if we back off we get our square we’ll go up close you can see what we’re
really looking at here okay on the camera here that square there is
actually not the dye it’s the material around the outside of the dye it’s a
perfectly crisp image if we turn down our shutter speed or ISO enough there we
go now you can see what we’re what it really looks like those kind of darkest
spots around the edges they’re like where the writing on the outside of the
LED platform is so it does make a perfectly crisp image it’s compared to
our run-of-the-mill zoomy quite a bit wider with this or in tents here for sure I just kind of
blocks out the sheds really this was not if you’d like to get your own microfire
Excalibur h20 there’s a link for purchase in the description along with a
coupon code to save you some money as always guys super thanks for watching
and good lux