Juliette: Hi my name’s
Juliette Kumar I’m the Associate Director
for improvement improvement in Education and I work
for the Innovation Agency. I am a nurse by background
and I’ve worked in the NHS for a long time since 1989. Karla: My name’s Karla Rimaitis, I’m a Project Manager
for the Improvement and Education team and I started
in the NHS when I was 16 as an apprentice
and lucky enough after doing my
teaching so now work for Juliette. Juliette: Yep my team’s
improvement and education team. I’ve got Karla here. We also have Jen Kohan who’s not
here today unfortunately but I’m sure you’ll meet her when
you join us. So our team is really about
looking to the health care system and asking the question, What is it that we need
to do in order to get you into a space where you’re
ready to think about innovation, think about improvement. So a lot of the work I guess
we call it the culture work streams so what activities,
what programmes can we run, what learning can we offer
that helps people to come together, to share and learn and to really
to move more further towards being ready
to adopt and spread innovation. One of my favourite things is that about our team
is that we get to be creative and fun and also remember
that it’s about we’re there to spread and adopt
innovation but in a way that people remember and people
want to really engage with. So thinking outside the box
and using tools that I’ve never come across before
has been really exciting for me in the first few months. Juliette: And I think that’s
really important. Whatever their learning offer
is of development work we do. It’s got to feel good, we know that people are in
the system they’re really busy they’re really
flat out, so we want to create a really
good safe space to come and you know
open up the challenges that they’ve got. And then if we can provide them
with some tools, approaches, techniques, that they can face those
challenges and that’s what we want to do. We also appreciate that you know
it’s really hard to get people out
of their day jobs so a lot of our offers are going
online where we’ve got Moodle site, so a lot of what we’re trying
to do is transfer that online so people can work through
those materials in their own pace. And I think that the work we do
externally is mirrored internally. And I would say that the culture
that I’ve met by starting in the
Innovation Agency has been completely
different to what I’ve ever experienced before. And we talk about
psychological safety and we talk about culture
but actually we role model it within our own organisation. And that’s really important
to have a calm attitude going into work. Juliette: And I suppose
the other thing to say is the vehicle by which we make
our offers is the Coaching Academy
and why Coaching Academy? Well you know we know that we
can go and learn things, we can go in a workshop
and learn how to do things. But there’s a big leap
between that and actually implementing it on the ground
and that kind of coaching space we’re training ourself. We have a number of coaches
within the organisation, we’re also training coaches out
there and a lot of our programmes either come
with a coaching element so that you know we’ll do
the workshop will offer them a coaching session in between
workshops so where are you up to, what are
your goals, what are the challenges
that you’ve had so they’ll have some momentum to keep going
with what it is we’ve trying to do. Karla: Really well received.
Yeah yeah it’s fantastic.