(casual background music) ^- My name’s Airman First Class Rebekah Coutts ^and I’m a Pediatric Medical Technician. When children check in for their appointments here, I pull ’em back and take their vital signs and just monitor them and make sure everything’s going okay, and then help out with any procedures ^or specialized tests that the provider orders. ^- Hi, I’m Staff Sergeant George Fileas ^and I’m an Emergency Medical Technician. My job is to ensure that the Family Health Clinic and Internet Medicine Clinic have everything that they need to get the job done. On occasion, I may backfill the Emergency Medical Technician ^slot within ambulance services. ^- I’m Senior Master Sergeant James Smith, ^and I’m a Medical Services Technician. I’m the Medical Operation Squadron Superintendent, and what I do on a daily basis is I provide advice to the commander to lead approximately 103 personnel across our squadron. I also spend a great deal of time mentoring the junior enlisted and ensuring that our 4N’s across all of our clinics maintain their skillset, both wartime and in Garrison skillsets.