Dynamics 365 powered by the
healthcare accelerator is helping Medicaid care managers
easilly manage their population, ensuring their helping their
members achieve healthier lifestyles. In this
demonstration we’re going to go through the persona of a care
manager and will see how she’s able to quickly pull up newly
enrolled members filtered by risk score, review the member
360, schedule and home assessments, complete
assessments offline for any device, co-author the care plans
and initiate follow-up on relevant services. Let’s get
started! As I log into my care management solution, simple
queues can be configured for teams or individuals and it
allows me to easily see newly assigned members when I click
into David Aaron’s record it takes me to this cohesive view
of the member where I see relevant alerts as well as any
disease risk ratings related to previous programs that David might
have been a part of as well as any clinical information such as
procedures, medications, appointments, or even care
plans. Now that I have a complete view
of this member I’m ready to give them a call and the first
thing I can do is verify their identity using hip a
verification process where I capture member ID number or
maybe even Social Security number. In addition to that the
system serves up relevant next best actions and this one to
schedule an LTS home assessment. Scheduling is actually easier
than ever using the seamless integration between Microsoft
Office and dynamics 365 with one click I’m able to both schedule
and attach the appointment to the member record. A few days
past and now I’m in the home of the member ready to begin this
Lt SS home assessment. What’s great though is that
entire member record is accessabile to me so I can see
any medications conditions or appointments that were completed since the last
time we spoke with one tap of my finger I can begin the
assessment process by pulling up the right assessment. These
assessments can be powered by clinical guidelines like MCG as
well as being automatically filled in from previous
assessments. What’s also great is that their dynamic so as I
interact with the assessment additional questions are served
up to me in a relevant manner. System also has the ability to
combine clinical guidelines with machine learning to automate
scoring such as this PHQ score. Now that I saved that, the
appropriate care plan has been added to David Aaron’s record,
and I can tap that field. The system is smart enough to
recommend the appropriate problem, goals and interventions
but I as the care manager have the ability to configure that as
well. When I tap into this particular goal I can see all
the details around it as well as the associated interventions and
make any adjustments that I feel are needed to this particular
intervention. Working with the member we Co-author this care
plan together and I can capture their consent and agreement
right within the application. All of that saved for me attached
to the care plan as well as can be created into a PDF that I can
print or email to the member thanks to the offline
capabilities of the solution I know that when I get back to
sales service all this information will be updated
automatically for me to move on to my next appointment. Spending
less time updating assessment notes gives me more time to
focus on services for my members Service plans can be grouped by
chronic conditions, for instance, and when I click into
that it gives me a lot of details around the start date the end date, but also the
related services such as food mental health or even
transportation. In this case, we know David Aaron needs help with
food delivery, so I can open up that service request. At the top
I’m taking through a step by step process that allows me to
move this request through the necessary steps to complete it.
Now, I can fax off a service request or call, but in this
case I’ve gotten integration directly to Aunt Bertha’s
website, which empowers me to search for the appropriate food service vendor. Find one that
works for this particular member and then walk through
the steps of setting up that vendor for services. As I follow the steps in the
process, I do check in with the member and come to find
out they need to extend services so with one click my
mouse I can renew those and it’s added to the overall
Service plan. If I need to make any adjustments that’s
not a problem, you can just simply click in make the
edits and save the record. Dynamics 365 helps Medicaid
care managers improve member health by empowering them
with clinical risk modeling offline assessments and
Service plan management.