My role in the customers business is to help them make as much money as possible which is keeping them running as much as possible. Coming out and working on a machine when it’s down, we don’t have a technician available Or sometimes it’s helping get parts when we’re struggling. We have a customer up in Sacramento, CA, and they were running at two o’clock in the morning and sheared off a hammer. I actually happened to be in the area that night. They called me up, and I went out and coached them through changing out a hammer for the first time. They were able to get back up and running that night. I was at a site and they were struggling, the machine was not producing like it had when it was new. So I walked over and asked the operator if I could have the remote, and I said, “Just keep feeding it like you
normally do.” Within a matter of a couple minutes, I made some adjustments and the machine producing three or four times at what
he was doing. Our R&F specialist is always there for us, whether it’s a phone call, a text or an email away. We can shoot him a video, or a picture and he knows exactly what the problem is. It’s almost like having a Vermeer employee on our staff at all times. The best part about having a dedicated specialist for our business, is that I can go to one guy, and one guy answers all the questions, and I don’t have to go put through ten other people to get an answer. To have a specialist come in that is very familiar with this equipment, that’s everything. You’ve got to have that. That’s one of the reasons we have the maintenance agreement with Vermeer, because of the specialist. We need somebody to come in, and look at the equipment that knows exactly what they’re looking for that an average mechanic wouldn’t know. The good thing I like about having a dedicated specialist, is when I call him up at five o’clock in the morning, And I ask him a silly question, on my side, “Hey, I have this situation, what do I do, or how do I get it fixed?” He’s pretty much, straightforward. He’s had an answer for me every time I’ve called him. As you see, when the machine is running, we’re making money. When the machine is down, it’s not making money.