Hi I’m Vanessa and I’m
with Librestream Technologies we’re an Augmented Reality solution provider. We
have software and hardware options. Right here I have one of our hardware options
and that is the OnSight CUBE industrial wearable. I also have the RealWear HMT-1, so together, paired, they make an incredible hands-free
collaboration experience for field or platform environments. I’m actually running our OnSight Connect software right now so that lets me call out to remote
experts they can see what I see through the CUBE which also has thermal imaging
so I am currently streaming and getting some thermal readings at this moment and I can stream it over to a remote expert I can also use digital work instructions on here with our OnSight flow product and like I said
this creates a hands-free experience for workers. You can learn more at Librestream.com/products as well as on the RealWear website.