Before you
begin your repair, be sure to unplug your TV from any power source and properly ground
yourself. We have already removed the back cover of
our TV, but you will want to remove all the screws connecting your back cover to your
TV and then simply remove the back cover piece. LED TVs are basically the same as LCD TVs,
with one real exception, the source of illumination for the screen and the board that drives that
illumination. LED TVs use LED backlights as opposed to LCD TVs which use CCFL, Cold Cathode
Fluorescent Lamps. The screen though on an LED and LCD are the same.
This TV has two power supply boards. Here we have the G7 power supply board, this provides
power to the backlight inverter/LED Driver via this cable. The two power supply boards
are connected to each other right here. The other power supply is called the G6 power
supply. The G6 power supply connects to the main board and to a power saving switch located
on the outside of the TV. That goes to the switch, this connection here goes to the main
board. One of the most common problems with an LED
TV, is that the TV will not turn on. If your TV will not turn on and you have no power
on your TV, that is most likely a problem with the power supply. Thank you for watching
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