Hi this is Tim Haft from Punk Rope and
you’re looking at Shauna Brady, Punk Rope’s director of training. It’s
late fall so lots of leaves on the ground. Shana is going to do her best and she’s got her Green Day rope. So today we’re here
to talk to you about a step we call the playground hop. It involves knee
flexion—so that’s when the heel goes back—and then extension—and that’s
when you see the knee extend and the leg kick forward. So it’s a rocking motion—and without the rope which is the best way to start for any new step—you want
to just take your time to get a little bounce going. And you’ll see that heel
coming back toward the butt and then on the same leg the foot comes forward. So
you do one side at a time. Great step for coordination. You’ll see a
lot of boxers do it. Good for balance. It’s a lot of fun and once you get it
it’s a very flow-y kind of step. If you don’t get it, it can be a little
frustrating. But again, start without the rope and then you can pick up your rope
or if you have a wrist trainer that works. And you’re going to perform the same step while swinging the rope to the side. So guys, with any plastic rope, when the
temperature drops the rope starts to stiffen. So just a word
to the wise: if you’re jumping outdoors with a plastic rope you might want to
warm it up a little bit before you get outside. Okay so here we have the
playground hop with Shana using her right hand and of course you could do
the same thing with the opposite hand. So this is just to get the footwork down
without having to worry about tripping over your rope. And then once that feels
good—and it’s looking pretty good right now. Once that feels good you’re going to want to straighten out your rope—maybe run it
under your feet a couple of times—and then you’ll attempt the step while
jumping through the rope. Here Shana gets her side swing going and then there it
is. So heel back, toe forward, heel back toe
forward. This is a good one just to stay in place but if you wanted to add
lateral motion you could. It’s definitely a challenge especially with leaves on
the ground. Rotation would be an option, again considerably more difficult. And sean is performing this step at
a pretty relaxed pace which is what we recommend. You might see some folks go into turbo mode but it really changes the flow and unless your timing is
flawless it’s likely to be a frustrating experience. There you go. So that’s the
playground hop. Again we really like it for coordination and timing and getting some
good range of motion in there as well especially if you’re attempting to get
that heel way up and then fully extend at the knee. You can play around with it.
Lots of possibilities. We talked about lateral motion and rotation. We think
you’re going to enjoy it. Thanks for joining us guys. If you liked what you
saw feel free to subscribe to our channel. You can check us out on the web at punkrope(dot)com. And if you have any questions about this step or any others feel free to jot them
down in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
for joining us. Happy Thanksgiving!