Lantech industrial PoE switches
support IEEE 802.3at and af PoE standard providing hardened networking capability
with operating temperature of -40 to 75 degrees Celsius Huge PoE budget of up to 720Watts is
available Lantech Industrial PoE switches built-in booster technology providing 45~56VDC PoE standard output with 12~56VDC wide range power input Our competitors only provide 24~56VDC power input Lantech Industrial PoE switches are good for vehicle cranky start or field battery applications Our competitors only protect against power input Lantech Industrial PoE built-in TVS protection on each copper ports The built-in CPU watchdog is able to prevent switch crashing caused by multicast flooding Simply reset Lantech switch to factory default with this button in case of password lost Other brands? You may only be rescued by manufacturer To satisfy all kinds of applications, Lantech provide you the most complete industrial PoE line-up Including managed and unmanaged Industrial EN50155 PoE models for rail applications And IP30 Industrial PoE models for various industrial environments With the best hardware design, Lantech industrial PoE switches also deliver leading software advantages for multicast & video surveillance networks Stay tuned!