My name is Kinga, I’m Hungarian I am a member of the Reformed Protestant church, and at the same time a member of the great and diverse family of the community of Christians. The Reformed Protestant church derives from Luther’s reformation, and the name can apply to all traditional Protestant churches. It is associated with the names of Jean Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli, among others. In Europe it is especially present in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Hungary. My maternal grandfather was a pastor, and it’s thanks to him that I have had a personal relationship with Jesus since my childhood. Jesus always was and is a living person, close to me, to whom I can turn in every circumstance. He carries my life’s burdens with me and shares my joys; He is the fountain I can always drink from. During this week when throughout the world we pray for Christian unity, I would like to give thanks for the Roman Catholic church, and especially for the life and ministry of Pope Francis, and for his concern that members of different Christian denominations should meet and rediscover one another as brothers and sisters. And he does this with such love and respect that it gives hope to the whole world, Christians and non-Christians alike: the hope that love is possible and that it is at work in everyday life, the hope that unity is possible in spite of our differences, which are a true source of richness. And that’s why I suggest we ask the Lord today the grace of a childlike simplicity, for the heart of the child who trusts others and shares their joys, recognising that we can only make progress if we walk the path together.