Congratulations you’ve got the education
but now what? Kick-start your career with British
Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure through the
technician entry level program or (TELP). We hire recent post secondary graduates
into many diverse permanent entry level positions across BC. We use training
programs tailored specifically for each position. Seasoned mentors give you the
tools and hands-on experience you need to graduate from the program and prepare
for a rewarding career with our ministry. You’ll be able to directly and
indirectly use your education in the position you’re hired into. Interested? We
hire from different educational streams such as scientific and technical
programs like civil engineering and geomatics survey technology, arts
programs like political science and geography, and business programs like
public in business administration. From day one you’ll be able to see how your
work directly impacts the lives of British Columbians. After all, nearly everyone uses transportation
infrastructure in some way to get to work to visit friends and family to
explore BC’s beauty. Whether you’re overseeing construction and maintenance,
approving developments near our infrastructure or consulting with First
Nations your work will contribute to the safety reliability and improvement of
our infrastructure. We’re looking to hire individual who are hard working and
willing to learn on the job. Is that you? Take charge of your career and apply for
this exciting opportunity.