and I’m Alexandra Carter a leaky roof is leading to problems at a Keokuk Elementary School tonight teachers say that taking away from students in the classroom but the end of the problems may be in sight w GM’s lake salmon is back from Keokuk Hawthorne elementary school tonight with more for us Lake Dale and Alexandra Keokuk public schools held a meeting tonight to finalize and approve their plans to replace a section of Hawthorne Elementary’s roof I talked to officials who saved the nearly five hundred thousand dollar project will make everyone’s school day just a little bit easier they come into school every day with smiles on their faces and ready to learn and they’re just a joy to have Hawthorne teacher Nicole nemecheck says teaching her second graders isn’t always easy we saved their little squirrels they can get distracted by by any little things even something as small as a leak I know sit there and look at it maintenance crews say leaks tend to come from the 19 year old ballast rubber roof over the kindergarten wing the rubbers laid on there and there’s rock over told it in place and it along the walls that expands and contracts with temperature and it causes cracking issues superintendent Christine Barnes says she expects construction to start next summer we really try to do as much as we can so that it doesn’t disrupt the educational environment for kids welcome news for teachers like nemecheck their time span at this age isn’t that long so the more we can keep them engaged with less distractions the better it’s just something one less thing for them to have to worry about I guess a new roof isn’t the only improvement on its way possibly barn says tomorrow the district is bringing in a team of architects on a tour of a number of different facilities to find out where improvements can be made like salmon wgm News Lake thank you you can see the plans for the new roof right now on wge for the 16 year old accused of shooting and killing