I’d like your input on Kenmore Elite oven
problems. I’m thinking of buying one while getting something better than the standard
Kenmore oven. Their double ovens have problems with the
windows filling with steam that stay that way, then turning moldy. Of all the reasons I was not thinking of getting
a double oven, that was not on the list. The Kenmore Elite ovens have problems with
the self-cleaning cycle blowing up the control panel occasionally, though it isn’t a guarantee
of melting the thermal fuse every time. I saw an article on why you should not use
self-cleaning very often because it can get so hot it ruins the paint on the oven and
heat stresses the electronics. While Kenmore Elite ovens have issues with
the ceramic tops cracking even if you don’t use the self-cleaning very often. That could be due to someone banging pots
and implements on it too much. The doors have issues with the oven door glass
cracking. Yet another reason to do self-cleaning. It is just as likely to be due to the screws
that hold the oven handle on getting tightened and cracking the glass as heat stress. There are ovens where you have to pay for
a service visit to get someone to take out the glass to clean it. A common problem is the clock not working
right. That’s what a wall clock is for. A periodic issue is the timer for cooking
not working. While I’d hope that an Elite oven does not
need me to keep an egg timer, it is a cheap work around. The model 790 ovens have problems with the
circuit boards shorting out and starting fires. Then I do not buy that model of Kenmore Elite
ovens. And aren’t those models pre-2010? Yes, that’s one of the older sequences. Then avoiding the scratch and dent appliance
store and used models solves that problem. A common complaint is that the error codes
do not always display right when the oven errors out. That does make diagnostics challenging, but
if power cycling it at the breaker doesn’t eliminate the error, I need a repair person
anyway. They have mundane issues like the clock panels
going blank and beeping when you set it to bake, but the solution is a costly replacement
control panel. A greater problem is the control panels needing to be replaced every year or
so. How does customer service handle those calls? By selling you an extended warranty or blaming
you for not having bought one the last time you called.