I need your help with Jenn Air oven error
codes. That’s not a surprise given how often they
error out and break down. That doesn’t help me today. The error codes will depend on how old the
Jenn Air oven is. For older ovens, F0 means the function key is stuck, F1 that the touch
pad is defective, and both mean replacing the touch pad or control board. Based on what you said, my oven isn’t old
enough to have those error messages apply. Then F1 usually means the power to the relay
is energized, which usually means the wiring harness or power board is shorted. A wiring short could damage the power board. If you get the F2 error, it usually means
the oven temperature is over 600 if baking or not running while 900 is during self-cleaning
cycle. If the oven exceeded 900 degrees, I’d expect
the control board to short out. Or the thermal fuse to blow, so the entire
control board goes black. First check the temperature sensor, and if that is OK, replace
the power relay board. What if it isn’t a hardware problem like
that? Assuming dinner didn’t catch fire, then
the wiring to the temperature sensor might have shorted and caused it to overheat. Or
the mechanical device that turns on the heating element was stuck on. That’s something we could fix for a lot
less than the price of a new control board. For older ovens, F3 and F4 meant the oven
temperature sensor was shorted or open. The solution was replacing the sensor or checking
the wiring. I can check the sensor with a multi-meter
to see if it shorted out. In newer ovens, F4 means the oven temperature
sensor shorted, but F3 means the cooling fan is on when the unit doesn’t think it should
be. The first step to diagnosing that is listening
for the fan noise. If the fan is on but shouldn’t be, the control
board is messed up. If the oven is on and the fan is too, the control board is really
messed up. Or the thing is cooling down. It should still know that it should be cooling
down. The F5 error usually means the power relay board contact or temperature sensor
have an intermittent failure. Then I need to reboot it to see if that fixes
it, and check wiring if it doesn’t. The F7 error means it senses a shorted key
for a minute or so, though whether that’s because the membrane on the button shorted
out or the display board, I don’t know. What does F8 mean? It means the meat probe has shorted out or
malfunctioned. Technically, skipping the meat probe and just
checking the temperature with a meat thermometer after it roasted for a while eliminates that
error. F9 is the error for the door lock circuit
safety being sensed as on but shouldn’t be, so you want to replace the power relay
board. I’ve heard of rebooting the oven to fix
that, or putting it in self-clean before turning it off to cause the lock to release. But if
the thing won’t release, it might be the lock motor or mechanism, too. At least you can hope you’re locked out
of the oven when you want to put food in instead of locked out when you want to get it out,
or else you’ll have a fire alarm in addition to the error codes.