I want your opinion on Jenn Air French door
refrigerator problems. French door fridges may be popular these days,
but the Jenn Air models lose their cool. Do they leak refrigerant? I do not know if this is a problem with leaking
out cold air, leaking refrigerant slowly or ongoing control board problems, but the Jenn
Air fridges have problems not staying cold enough. That’s a problem given that a fridge is
supposed to keep things refrigerated. Their ice makers have lots of problems. So do all ice makers, which is why Consumer
Reports rates any fridge as less reliable if it has an ice maker. They leak water, and not just from the ice
maker. That’s from the auto defrost, mostly not draining properly into the drain pan. This would not be the only fridge with that
problem. They are noisy. All fridges are noisy until they do not work;
then you can listen for the clicks as it tries to start up the compressor. The Jenn Air French door models have even
more problems than the standard Jenn Air fridges. For example, open the left door and then the
right, the left door will hit the right door as you try to close it. That could break something. Yes, and it is due to a problem with the hinge
on the left door not retracting enough. The solution could be opening and closing
one door before going on to the next. You could try to have a repair person replace
the hinged seal on the left side so that it folds inward and out of the way, but it does
not always do that. At least there may be a solution. You’ll want a solution, since it will beep
at you if the door is not closed all the way. What other problems does it have? The side by side fridges all have problems
with defrost heaters turning on and staying on. The only thing worse than a fridge that won’t
stay cool is one on fire. There was a recall for Jenn Air fridges for
that problem in 2009. I do not know if that is still a problem. In 2015, they ran an ironic fire and ice promotion,
but I think that is for Game of Thrones, not fridges catching fire. One of the more mundane problems is the circuit
boards going out every couple years. That’s expensive in any fridge. Getting a repair person to fix it in one visit
and without waiting two weeks for them to come out is its own problem.