When I entered a DIY store, I was struck by the fact that it took me a relatively long time to find a shop assistant and get some orientation. It is definitely possible to offer the customer a better level of service. Jeez is our mobile DIY store, a DIY store on wheels. Jeez is based on a particular service concept,
a relatively simple service concept: Our customers order Jeez via our website or phone number. And they have the possibility of creating their own shopping cart by choosing from 60,000 articles in the various categories. Or a customer may need more advice. This is where our complete service comes into play which also includes the Jeez-Maker service, in other words, the post-purchase implementation service. After the customer has submitted the order,
it is received by our headquarters which is located in the Rhine-Main-area. Then the Jeez expert goes into the warehouse. When he or she has prepared the goods, they load the goods into the Sprinter. Here’s where the practical Sortimo system takes effect. Once the customer has ordered the Jeez-Maker service,
it is already waiting at the construction site. Next, the goods are carried to the customers’ homes so that they can tackle and implement the project they have in mind with the materials provided by us. In case a customer has ordered paints and does not know yet
which shade of colour he or she desires, we have a mixing machine on board that we make available to our customers
so that around 3,000 shades can be tested directly at the customer’s home. We also have an app of our own which allows the customer
to preview the colour that we project at his home on our app. I have big visions. The main vision I have in mind is that the concept on a larger scale
will be represented throughout Europe in twenty years from now.