Hello, my name is Mikhail Popovski and
I’m the CEO here at Abraic. Remember those good old days when the
organization made a decision to implement JD Edwards? Those were great times! Remember the business case? It had all sorts of benefits: listed greater
speed to market, productivity gains, improved customer satisfaction, the ever-so-popular inventory reduction, lower operating costs… Perhaps you remember.
Perhaps you don’t remember or you weren’t there. Perhaps you don’t want to remember! Most of the organization’s we work with fell short of seeing expected outcomes
from their investment in JD Edwards. It is normal, because implementation
projects have enough trouble staying on time, on budget, and on scope. But the
implementation is water under the bridge now. So what can we do? If we could start
from scratch and re-implement, we could do this right. However, a reimplementation is a tough proposition to swallow both from a standpoint of budget and
operations disruption. An aggressive Continuous Improvement program is what we see as the most effective course of action. In fact, most of the improvement
opportunities are easily accessible. Some can be crowdsourced from your own business and IT folks. Some are available online. Some are available in the user
community. Worse comes to worst, maybe you can ask a consultant for an idea or two! As long as the improvement opportunities are prioritized based on impact, cost,
and other factors, the sky’s the limit. It truly is that simple. We have helped many organizations create and successfully operate JD Edwards Centers of
Excellence. We have templates, diagrams, charters, and other useful materials,
including of course the actual ideas for improvement. If you’re thinking of
creating a JD Edwards Continuous Improvement program, please give us a