♪ – Music Gabriel: Once you have the certificate,
it’s an international certificate. That’s definitely gonna be one of the
first things that goes on my resume. It’s gonna open up a lot of doors for my career. Dan: Early on in the program something that was
really put in my head was the focus on teamwork and communication, as well as safety. Gabriel: Certified Production Technician
covers an OSHA safety class. It will teach you how you can properly
put on your mask, open up the cartridges. Also about hazardous chemicals. Dan: There’s a lot of gears and grease. Gabriel: Physically it could be draining
to the body, and also mentally. Dan: Touching on what he said about getting drained,
that can lead to complacency and can put yourself into dangerous situations. So you have to have your wits about you.
You have to be sharp. Gabriel: Once you go through a process
and you start absorbing the knowledge. When you apply it, that is just the best feeling. I got knowledge, and I can apply it anytime, anywhere.