Hi, I’m Chris. I work at Datacom Systems in Wellington and I’m an IT support technician. My job can consist of me
responding to technical queries raised by our customers. It can sometimes mean
updating new software application releases, new website releases that we we
have for our customers. They need to know a wide variety as an IT support
technician you need to know a little bit about everything – about software
development about service support about networking issues. Not all the time no, I
don’t have to be at my desk. Sometimes I work from home. It depends on whether it
is scheduled after hours work and that’s really the only time we can do this sort
of work if we’re looking after a busy website. That’s the sense of achievement
sometimes when you do happen to fix major issues with websites for example.
After you fix the issue you can see people connect from all over the world
to their website so you can you can take credit for that.