Alright, today I’m going to show you how
to repair the loud speaker on the iPhone 6. If you are interested in any of these other
repair videos, go ahead and click the links on that menu screen. Here’s the iPhone 6. I’m going to go ahead and turn it off and
then grab your pentalobe screwdriver and take out the bottom two screws next to the charging
port. If you need a pentalobe screwdriver check
the video description below, I’ll have parts and tools listed down there. Grab your suction cup and lift up on the screen
just a little bit. And then get your pry tool under there and
pry up on the metal frame of the screen. Make sure not to bend it too much or else
you will crack the screen and you don’t want that. Go ahead and lift up the screen. If you’re not going to take the screen off
for this repair, make sure to leave it at the 90% so you don’t damage any of the ribbon
cables. Just like that. Here are the two screws over the charging
port connection and the battery connection. So take out those two screws and remove the
metal bracket like this. Flip up the little battery connection cable. I’m not going to show you how to take out
the battery cuz that’s a pain, but as long as you’ve disconnected it like this you
can finish the rest of the repair just fine. Take out those four screws for the loud speaker. Disconnect the charging port cable. And then disconnect this little antenna wire
as well. Just lift up on it and it will unclick. Then you can pull it out of the little bracket
that it’s also tapped into right there. And then the loud speaker should just lift
up and out of the phone. This is the loud speaker. Check the video description if you need to
buy a replacement one, especially if your old one got wet or just stops working or sounds,
you know, broken or muffled or cracked. These are the connection ports on the charging
port. So if your speaker still doesn’t work after
you put it back in, you might need to replace the charging port ribbon cable. Also pretty inexpensive, but it’s a different
repair so check the front of the video for that repair. Screw those 4 screws in. Clip the wire cable back into the little bracket. And it took me a couple tries to get this
pinned back on just because it’s so small. You hear a satisfying little click as it goes
back in and you’ll know that it’s in. Just make sure not to put too much pressure
or you’ll bend it. Clip the charging port cable back in and then
the battery connection as well. Little metal bracket; make sure you get those
two screws in. These little guys right there. And then just fold the screen back down and
you’re going to want to take the top of the screen and kind of snug it up into place
so that it’s flush with the edge of the phone. Otherwise the rest of the screen is not going
to click back down as you go along the edges like this. Anyway, pretty simple repair. Get those bottom two screws back into the
phone and you are set. If you have any questions be sure to leave
them in the comments below. Don’t forget to “like” this video if
it helped you and don’t forget to subscribe. It does mean a lot to me. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you around.