Hello and welcome! Today I change the battery on my iPhone 5S This is the new battery, I got it today and
it looks more or less like the original battery. The codes are the same. I was using a power case for my phone until
I replaced the battery. Now I’m taking the phone out. To open the case I need to remove the 2 security
screws near the lightning connector. For this, I use a special, miniature screwdriver
set. I put the screws on sticky tape on the desk
and I arrange them in position so that I know where they came from. Using a suction cup and a sharp blade I will
pry open the screen… the case This was, for me, the most difficult part. It was very hard to realise how to actually
open it without damaging anything bellow. Then, after I opened it, I use another piece
of metal to pry it open completely. Later I started using the plastic blades to
avoid damage to the metal frame or the glass screen. You have to remove the metal tab from the
home button and fingerprint sensor. Then remove the sensor connector completely. Lift the screen, but not too much, just enough so you see and have access to the parts inside. Don’t fold it backwards! You unscrew these 4 screws that cover the
connectors for the screen. Make sure that you remember where you put
these screws because they are not the same length and they can damage your logic board if you put them in the wrong order. It’s very important to put them exactly in
the same place where they came from when you put them back. Remove the metal cover
and gently pry off the connectors of the screen, one by one. There are 3 connectors At this point, you can separate the screen from the rest of the phone, and you see here it’s the 3 connectors, the front camera, and the screen with the LCD
together. All as one assembly. We remove the protective metal cover of the
battery connector. There are 2 screws. Again, we keep them in the same place, on
the same sticky tape. Gently removing the metal cover and disconnecting the battery. At this point, there is no more power to the
phone. And this is another hard part here, to remove
the battery from the sticky tape behind it, I use a tool, I slide it under the battery
and I try not to bend it too much. It’s easier to remove the battery if you heat
up the back of the phone with a hair drier or a heat-gun. After the battery is removed, you can reuse
the sticky tapes or use double sided tape if you had to remove these. The new battery goes in just as the old one
in the same place. Trying to align it carefully
Connecting the battery to the logic board. These are all the screws that I took out and
now they have to go back! I start with the battery cover, battery connector
cover. I put the 2 screws back. And now it’s time to put back the LCD screen
with the 3 connectors. I have to align it carefully
and then, they snap into place I just push them with my finger, like so. One by one, in the reverse order as you removed
them. Put the metal cover back on top of them. Reinstall the screws, making extra sure that
you put them where they came from and not in another place. Now we have to put back the connector for
the home button and the fingerprint sensor. This one is a bit tricky, you have to be careful
to align it properly and afterwards, place the metal cover
and push it down with your finger or a tool. It has to sit in place like you see here. It’s important that it is secure. And the next step is to close the phone
making sure that you don’t press on the screen too much from one side. Just align it carefully and it will close. You can test, before it’s completely closed…
you can test if the screen works… if the home button works… And you close it completely. And make sure you don’t forget to reinstall
the screws on the front. If you like this video, please
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