I get to combine to my greatest interests.
I’ll have fun instead of actually taking a class. If I haven’t taken the class I might have
just been stuck in the engineering for personal gain
rather that engineering for social gain. We’re trying to design a raised bed which is pretty much a way to
garden in urban areas. Right now at their re-use center and we’re just looking for materials. It
seemed interesting to do something that would actually help people. That’s probably the most important thing
about this class learning to deal with and setbacks and learning to regroup and work effectively as a
team. Sunday there’s a chance for rain but there’ll be good winds.The reason I
took Harnessing the Wind is because of the aspect of renewable energy and how
much it interests me this is actually where the future
lies. I learned a lot of things that I probably will need to learn eventually
but maybe learn them a little earlier than I expected there was a lot of physics,
mechanics as well as electromagnetism. The goal of the project is making a model
that will in the end be scaled up to explore the
Ross Ice Shelf. For the actual competition we have a camera
attached to the front of it that’ll be attached to a video screen. In this class we’re just doing like basic things with
a microprocessor, trying to design educational toys. Right now we are designing a drum set that kind of teaches kids how to
play. Probably have buttons and lights flash on this. I’m interested in
both computer science and computer engineering and this class teaches me a lot about both subjects. So I’m rigging this Nerf gun to fire it remotely (laughter). And right now I’m taking it apart to
understand why it’s not working. So well it’s called Charmey, it’s a figure on the screen that will kind of like dance or move its
limbs to different volumes and pitches that you would like input into
the microphone. Changed 101 opened up how wide and how logical this engineering is. What I hope to do in the future …do this… over and over and over
again I’m interested in the way we interact with computers. I’m not exactly sure to be honest. I’d really like to be a part of a small start-up. Having… a… happy life (laughs). I am hoping to become a computer scientist and
I’m interested in robotics. Working for Disney as an Imagineer. I plan to return back home to Dubai ….dunno …just work in civil engineering. Designing, creating video games is my main goal. Definitely want to follow engineering because
I know it does push society forward. I learned more than I think I thought I would. It
shaped my career in the sense that I see… that I want to use my engineering skills in
order to actually make a difference.