It’s always exciting that you’re going to work on a mission that is going to make the footnote of history. I’m Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu and I work on robotic arms for planetary exploration. This is a mock-up
of the InSight lander. It’s a one-to-one scale of the actual spacecraft. InSight
is going to Mars and it’s going to probe deep beneath Mars to be able to
observe the fingerprints of how Mars came to be. On InSight, we have a
robotic arm. You can see the upper arm, the forearm, and our responsibility is to
pick up the instruments the scientists are going to use to examine the planet
hundreds of millions of miles away, blindfolded. They want to precisely place it on the surface where the scientists wanted to put it. It’s kind of fun. When I was a kid in Ghana, I lived very close to the airport. So I was very interested in aircrafts flying and I always dreamt of taking humans out of the cockpit and just making computers fly and I think I’m doing the same thing here, we’re making things autonomous. To see it from paper
to actualization is so much fun.