The National Fireplace Institute is a non-profit,
independent agency that trains and tests technicians in the safe and proper installation and repair
of fireplaces, gas logs, stoves, BBQs and venting. Service professionals must undergo rigorous
training and pass a number of safety tests in order to be certified by the NFI as an
expert in one of the following categories: gas-burning, wood-burning, pellet-burning
or hearth design. Someone who passes all three categories earns
the title of a Master Hearth Professional An NFI expert will be proficient in all safety
guidelines, national building codes, hearth appliance requirements, combustion criteria,
venting applications, fuel delivery, as well as post-installation inspection and service. This extra attention to safety guidelines
and protocols makes the difference between a good technician and an expert in the field. In fact, this training and testing has been
found to be so valuable that the entire industry has begun to see the benefits of using NFI-certified
technicians in the installation, service and repair of fireplace inserts and stoves. Many manufacturers have gotten on board, too,
and now prefer their products be purchased from NFI certified professionals. This way they know customers buying their
products are properly advised to purchase the right product for their specific needs
Due to the increased emphasis on safety, more customers are starting to demand the specialized
training when purchasing specialty gas products. This is why at HVAC Direct we have NFI certified
specialists on staff to help you safely pick the right product for your home.