Hi everyone. Welcome back. I’m so excited to be here today. We are going to be talking about how to improve
yourself every day. It’s Rachel and I am here to help you on your
journey of self discovery and provide you with the best advice on how to strengthen
your inner and outer connections. If you are joining us for the first time on
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time I put out a new video. Improving yourself every day, let’s talk about
what steps we can take in order to do that. Now, don’t forget to stick around to the end
of this video because that last step, she’s going to be a doozy. Let’s get started okay? Improving yourself every day. I am going to send you on a 30 day challenge. Don’t get scared off by it. Listen to what I have to say and you will
understand why I want you to choose to take this challenge. The first step that you need to do in order
to improve yourself every day is to stop complaining. Does that sound easy? Maybe for some of you it is, but for a majority
of us it’s not easy. Every time that you start complaining, you’re
going to stop yourself and change your mind frame or mindset to think about something
else. Do this for 30 days and I am very interested
to see how much complaining you are putting into your daily life or perhaps even ceased
to exist after 30 days of full intentions on stopping complaining. Step two, take the time to really think about
who you want to be. What is it that you want to achieve? What types of things do you want to have? For 30 days, spend time thinking about imagining,
writing about and working toward every day. Step three, take part in one healthy activity. Not one a week, but try for one a day for
30 days because it’s a 30 day challenge. This could be taking a walk. This could be getting together with friends,
packing healthy snacks when you go to work, it could be meal planning for a week. Whatever activity you choose, make sure you’re
getting yourself out there and taking part in healthy activities. Step four, make a point to learn something
new every day. If you don’t learn it during the day, or you
having identified learning something different or new, then read a magazine article, read
a study, read a book and learn something new. Step five, practice active listening, so if
someone is having a conversation with you, you are listening intently to what it is that
they are saying. You are not cutting in. You are not deciding that, oh wait, I did
that too. Oh, I’ve done that before. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, no. You are actively listening to them. They are actively speaking. You are actively listening. To allow them to know that you are still with
them and really are listening to what they say, you can say things like, “So I heard
you say,” or paraphrase what they’re saying or, “So what I’m hearing is,” blank. And it brings in what the person said because
you’re repeating it back to them. Practicing active listening is not the easiest
thing to do. I’m going to say that right now, but the more
you practice it, the better you will get at it, and it’s really listening intently so
that you can say something back to the person. You can ask them then really great questions
and you’re not cutting them off. This is the big part. You’re not cutting them off so that you can
tell about your story or how you did this that was similar. You went to Florida too, and when you went
to Florida, you did X, Y, and Z. Well, you’re talking partner was trying to
tell you about their trip, so right now, not that your trip isn’t important, but they’re
the ones that are telling you about them right now. Actively listen to them. Step number six, compliment other people. Get into the routine of complimenting people
on a regular basis. You may be going through a drive thru and
see someone’s necklace and you can say, “Wow, that’s a beautiful necklace.” Or you like someone’s blouse, “That is a beautiful
blouse that you are wearing today.” “What’s that I’m smelling? That’s a really nice scent.” Things like that just can be simple compliments. They can also be big ones when you see them. Congratulations on making it to the next level
of this game or congratulations on your promotion. That is so amazing and it’s well deserved,
things like that. Compliment people every day. Step seven, tell people how you appreciate
them, what are they doing that you’re liking and you want to see more of? For instance, if you really like the job that
someone is doing, let them know. In this day and age we don’t state enough
how we appreciate people and we really should do it more often because as soon as you feel
appreciated and someone is telling you that they appreciate this part of you or this thing
about you, it’s going to increase your feelings about yourself, which in turn will increase
outcomes that you put out and things like that. It really does have a snowball effect in a
positive way when you are able to share with people how important they are to the company,
how they did on a huge project, something like that. And lastly, step eight, check in with yourself. Ask yourself, how am I doing? Take a look at your checklist. Look at these seven steps before. Am I practicing these every day? Am I catching each one of these steps? If not, make adjustments and it doesn’t matter
if you’re five days in or if you’re 17 days into this 30 day challenge, you can always
make adjustments and become stronger. Remember, a lot of this has to do with practicing
and doing this over and over and over again in different ways. How can you appreciate somebody on different
levels and in different ways? How can you compliment people? Finding different ways and tactics in which
to do it. Going through and looking at those steps and
then being able to say, “How am I doing? Am I doing everything on the list because
I kind of think that I might’ve missed this?” Great. It’s okay that you missed it. Let’s make plans to be a little bit different
tomorrow. And if you are catching all of them, you know
what? Say thank you to yourself and practice gratitude
to yourself. Like hey Rachel, you’re doing a great job. Keep going. You’re really getting the knack for this Rach. Start, it’s these compliments are starting
to flow out of you. You are doing a really strong job of trying
hard to stop complaining and to catch yourself in the act. I’m proud of you. That’s okay to do. These steps are going to help you improve
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steps or step that makes you the most nervous about following for the next 30 days. And I can always chime in with some good examples
of what it is that you can do. And I just love to hear what it is. And then after the 30 days, let me know how
did it go? How in the world do you feel now? Those are great things and I’m so excited
for this challenge for you. I won’t see you in the next video, but you
will sure see me, so until then.