I talk to them in Spanish, as most of them don’t speak French, actually the majority of them don’t and very few speak English so i’d rather talk to them in Spanish so that I improve my language skills at the same time. So this year, at the beginning it was quite complicated but day after day, as we stayed for five weeks, we met new people, even outside of our company, which enabled us to enrich our vocabulary and it helped me communicated with the children more easily than i did last year but otherwise it’s fine, I manage to make myself understandable and it feels satisfying! Because I came here last year, this year I felt more confident, I already knew the basics, so this year i can understand a conversation between two people so during lunch i can follow up, well roughly speaking, and it’s the same with the residents, if there’s something i cannot understand I can ask them to repeat it slowly, or sometimes I can ask them in Catalan because the Catalan language is closer to the French than to the Spanish. When you don’t know, you just mimic what you mean, things like that And otherwise there’s Google Translate, when you really really cannot understand but We try, well I tried day after day to use it less and less and to try to do it on my own that’s how you learn, by making mistakes too During activities, I learn Spanish, and I teach them French, some words that they try to repeat, which is quite funny I would say “unforgettable”. I’d say it was “enlightening”. Well that’s not really a word but I’d say that you have to dare, you have to be bold!