Hi Everybody! Today’s technique tip is something you’ve ALL been asking me for, and that is of course the penché. How can I get 180 degrees penché? Or the 6 o’clock, as many people call it. You can get there! It’s not as difficult as you think, and you’ve come to the right girl. This is something I’m actually pretty
good at! So, the first thing I want you guys to think
about is: what is a penché actually? Yes, it’s a fancy arabesque, but… what am I actually doing? I’m doing a split! Penché is a split not on the floor. So the thing about a split
is the hamstring. Penché is not necessarily about that back leg. It’s about the hamstring. This is what you’re stretching. You’re not, in fact, stretching the back leg all that
much. So, if you missed my “Stretching & Flexibility Routine” you can click it to watch. But basically I want you all, if you’re struggling with penché, to start focusing on your hamstrings. Because if they are tight, you can’t get down there. Arabesque- we’re up. It really has
nothing to do with the hamstrings. Penché does. So really focus on the hamstrings- stretching them after class, making sure you keep them loose, and working on the split series I gave you. That is the lunge, grabbing the thigh, and then the pull back in that video. That
will really help you start to get the flexibility to do a penché. The other thing about penché is the inner thigh of the back leg. When people start to do a penché and this happens, you’re not going to get that pretty line. Penché is
about that inner thigh reaching so you can get that beautiful line. So think yes, the
hamstrings, but also the inner thigh really reaching and opening, and it makes the line. Nobody wants to penché looking like this. Right? Open the hips slightly- not too much- open the hips slightly, and the inner thigh makes that penché. So hamstring and inner thigh. The other thing is, and I’m probably the only person on the planet that will tell you this about penché. So many people get caught up in being SO forward that you can’t actually get a penché. If you are too like this and
you’re trying to be forward…forward…forward…you can’t get the leg up! Yes you need to be forward over the ball of the foot, but I want you to think of sending your hips backwards. I
can’t get it if I’m like this. If I send them backwards, I can get there. I am not going
to get there if I’m like this…. Yes- stay over the ball of the foot, again I could probably get shot for telling you all this, but when you’re with a guy and he’s partnering you
in a penché, you can’t be too far forward. He has nothing to hold. Send the hips slightly back. I’m still forward on the ball of my foot, but the hips are going back, and that’s how you get that line. Last little tip: penchés in the center. Giselle.
If you’ve ever done Giselle, it can be really difficult. Same thing- forward over the hip,
forward over the foot, send the hips slightly backwards. However, don’t look directly down.
I guarantee that you will fall over! The way to do that “Giselle in the center penché”
is too look out in front of you. Like 4 or 5 feet in front of you. If you’re onstage,
look into the wings on the floor. Not directly down. You want to keep the back of the neck
long. So, if I’m doing Giselle, I am going to look out there, and I can penché. Rather
than this… see? You fall over! Try that. If you’re warm, next time your do a penché
in the center, look out. And you can do it, rather than this.
So penché is your hamstring – make sure you’re stretching your hamstrings. The inner thigh
takes you back. You have to release the hips a little bit. Send them away from you and
elongate. Not here trying to go down. Send them backwards. And if you are in the center,
look out. That’s really it! Ok you guys? Again, any other technique tip
requests, I’ve got a big long list from all of you, you can leave them in the box below.
If you missed my video on posture, you can click it to watch. I hope your enjoying the
vlogs, if they’re up yet, from Philadelphia. I love you all. Thank you so much for watching,
and I’ll see you next time!