Clutch control’s s a little bit better this
time around looking behind me to see who’s coming up rear end protection or part of it
another part is my posture here where I’m pointed toward my exit you know it is kinda nice to see other
motorcyclists on the road nothing against scooters but
motorcycles are definitely more rare now I’m not going to make the claim that
they require more dedication than scooters for instance but they are more expensive I guess maybe
that’s part of it and more complicated and they go faster
even this thing will easily outrun a scooter unless it’s like
you know like a 500 cc scooter or 650 Oh I’m in neutral again of course so gear shifting – that’s a thing to work on
decisive gear shifting use that rear brake Chris that’s actually
probably something I need to be writing on all my logbook entries following distance also smoother throttle control how ’bout that? you know, it is a little bit challenging to
cover the front brake and work the throttle at the same time I dunno if you can see the posture I use but I’m sure there’s a clip somewhere basically I have my front brake with four fingers and then I wrap my thumb underneath
the throttle and use that
to actuate the throttle and I would say it works quite well
because really I never need to crank open the throttle all the way all it takes is small movements to do
what I want so that’s what I do see I told you
a bicycle is faster in rush hour that guy’s probably at the next block by now
I want to get away from this van just for the visibility it’s not super critical it’s my
following distance that’s the thing finally broke a hundred miles hey yeah okay so what did i list
following distance smooth throttle rear brake usage things to put in the logbook for today it’s gonna be a nice night just another day in the city alrighty then gear shifting turn signals following
distance rear brake usage a good enough list for one ride speeding up only to slow down ohhhh yeah
I think my clutch control will improve quickly key is to ride to know that it’s an issue and actively
work on it same with the other issues let’s get outta this bus’s blind spot, how ’bout that? dang it…. turn signals we go outta one bus’s blind spot into the other bus’s blind spot I don’t think I’m supposed to do that before the bike
is broken in hard not to turn signals – that needs to go back on the list of things to work on cornering I can tell I feel insecure about cornering oh look a motorcycle – two!
okay what’s on the list – turn signals, clutch control cornering rear brake following distance
well by turning I mean turn signals turn signals clutch cornering
rear brake following distance throttle control that’s like, seven things you know
this way of covering the front brake I think it really works
I think it actually really works quite well it’s harder with thicker
gloves but even with my Alpinestars gloves I was doing this and I think it’s
really good to just practice it all the time because it could become necessary at any time