My name is Vanesa Contreras. I have three children. The water lasts just a day. I use it to cook, do the dishes, have a shower and wash up. Does the water leak when it rains? Yes, a lot. I have to place pots
on the sideboards and move the fridge and the TV. My neighbour keeps my stuff
so it doesn’t get wet. If you look closer, you’ll
see there’s stuff pasted into where there
used to be holes. My neighbours helped
me cover them. My children usually suffer from flu. Sometimes they get headaches. People close their doors by 5 p.m.
so the mosquitos don’t come in. It gets even worse
when it rains. Vanesa’s home is one of many across
Colombia that will be improved under the Government of Colombia’s ‘Better homes’ project. She will work with UNOPS engineers and social workers to design a better living space, tailored to the unique needs of her family. In total, around 28,000 people like Vanesa will benefit from housing upgrades across Colombia. UNOPS is proud to be partnering with Social Prosperity to improve nearly 6,000 homes. Implemented by UNOPS
on behalf of Social Prosperity