Some of the more common things we treat are hearing loss of varying degrees but specifically those that are more severe where hearing aids really aren’t as effective as they need them to be to really function in their day-to-day environment, whether that’s with interacting with their family, interacting at work or whatever social setting that may be. Something like a cochlear implant can restore hearing and restore that clarity of hearing that is needed to really communicate with people. Cochlear implants are just really cool devices because they really bypass the normal way a person hears by electrically stimulating the inner ear, or specifically the nerves of the inner ear, to restore hearing in people who otherwise do not have any. The damage frequently, in someone with hearing loss, is in one of the inner ear structures and by inserting this device we can many times bypass that issue and really restore a level of hearing that people haven’t had for many many years and it can allow them to function much much better on a day-to-day basis. Cochlear implants are generally very successful There is a little bit of varying degrees from person to person about how well they work but in general they work very very well but it does take usually a few months really for people to really appreciate that change. It’s quite a different mechanism of hearing than people are used to and it takes the brain and the ear just a little bit of time to adjust and it requires practice but it usually results in people getting at a higher functioning area than they were previously. Occasionally, you can get some cochlear implant outcomes that are less than you would otherwise suspect and there’s a number of factors that could be length of the person is deaf, their underlying pathology or a number of other things that can contribute to the overall outcome. One of the things about Ohio State that’s really awesome is that we have speech and language pathologists who work with these people to help them optimize their ability to hear better than maybe than we would otherwise expect if they didn’t do that. And so, when we have people who are really struggling we really have a great team that can help identify where the issues may be and really put them in a therapy program that can really push them the next level if they have that.