Can you tell me who you are and what you do? Yes. My name is Matt Renwick. I am a Principal in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. I am also an author for ASCD and some content for FreshGrade as well. From what I’ve read, it’s different levels of engagement. So, there’s the emotional engagement. Do I want to do this? Am I motivated? There’s also the cognitive engagement. Kids could be behaviourally engaged in something and look like they’re learning but it might just be compliance. So, that’s what I like about tools like FreshGrade. It kind of elicits more their learning through talk, through images, through videos, and you can actually evaluate it without getting in the way. I don’t think they can. But, what I do think they can do is learn without… I want to say this carefully. without the traditional teaching. I think teaching is as important as it has ever been. but the way teaching has been done in the past need to change. Again, it’s about activating the learning and then helping kids decide where they need to be going next, become smarter in whatever topic they’re engaged in. We want to know what students know, but also are able to do. So, we want to see them apply it to scenarios. And that’s where the audio, video is really helpful because then we can say to ourselves, “Can they do it or not? What way can the students better themselves by rewatching feedback on their performance?”