“Haifa Al-arabi”
A reporter Because we believe in the importance of supporting human rights issues, and because we always strive to look for human rights stories that are told by those who actually live them, the water supply project in Jarabulus has been a great success, especially after the refugee camps and the residents were provided with water. The council provided us with a water pipeline and everything is going well, thankfully. We also extended a pipeline from the main road towards here, so now each 4-5 tents have their own water faucet. Nasaem Radio’s coverage of this project has been of great importance, because we were able to make a difference and cooperate with the local council in the city, and we were able at the same time to connect between the residents who did not receive any water on one hand and the local council on the other. Indeed, the project continued until it was successfully completed in full. Director of the Technical Services Bureau, Dr. Mohammad Jader We’ve implemented an extension project to the water supply network to reach the outskirts and internal parts of the city by providing the artesian wells with diezel pumps and generators and building a 400 cubic meters ground tank in the western side of the city. We also provided the project with a group of specialized technical and engineering staff members to follow up on the implementation And to conduct accurate statistical reports. This exceptional success, which we were able to measure by observing fruitful results, has indeed empowered us with more strength to continue defending the rights of those who face human rights violations, while also supporting the efforts exerted by local councils. “Resident voice” We would like to thank the local council for responding to our demands regarding water supply, after all the suffering we’ve been through just to drink or wash something. The situation was very bad, but after the local council conducted the water extension project, our conditions significantly improved. We would like to thank Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) for their support so that we can reach and highlight as much human rights stories as possible. We look forward to further enhance an effective, and positive cooperation This forum was produced with the support of Journalists for Human Rights and the United Nations Democracy Fund