watch this video if you study every day but
you don’t feel that your English is improving and you wanna understand why, coming up. Hey friends, teacher Prix here to help you
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new lessons just for you but here we go, let’s dive into the content. I study English every day but I am not improving,
teacher Prix, what’s wrong with me? What’s happening? So here I am not gonna be showing you a few
things that I believe could be happening to you, actually, these are questions. I want you to answer these questions and think
about your study routine and your lfiestyle and the things you are doing to improve your
English, so this is a moment for you to reflect, ok? The first thing that I wanna ask you is how
long? ok, you’re studying every day for how long,
how long have you been studying every day? oh, teacher Prix, why is that important? well my friends, if you started studying last
month, it is important. Usually, when someone tells me I am studying
every day, my first question is for how long? Did you start last year? ok? then, we definitely need to investigate
no, Priscila, I started two weeks ago. Then, hello, you’re not going to be making
a huge change after two weeks studying alone. I understand where this question comes from. When we start studying every day, we wanna
see the results immediately, but it doesn’t happen that way, it is just like going to
the gym, if I start going to the gym every day, in 2 weeks, I will feel a little change,
but it is very little, you don’t see a big change, you don’t feel a big change, the same
thing with English. So, when did you start studying every day? Has it been three months? 5 months? six, seven, eight? A year? knowing that will help you understand the
root of the problem, where it began because if you are studying English consistently every
day and for quite some time at least 3 months then we can investigate the study routine
itself, but if you started last month, if you started two months ago, then it is not
enough time yet, even if you are studying every day, it is not enough to know if that’s
the problem, , if something else is happening. The next we can analyze is what is your study
routine like? because, ok, you are studying every day. But what do you do alright? what do you study every day? Do you just watch videos on youtube? Do you just hit play and that’s it? That’s your study routine?Because, guys, if
you follow me on my channel, if you are my subscriber, if you watch my lessons and you
study them, you know that this is not studying. If you just hit play and every day you watch
a different video, ok, that’s good, but that’s not really studying. What exactly did you learn from that lesson?And
just having this mental very brief, very short quick conversation, oh yeah, I learned a lot
today, that’s not really studying. ok? So, this is something that many English learners
struggle with, they think they are studying every day, when in reality they are not, they
are just watching lessons they are just watching things on the internet, and that’s not necessarily
studying, ok? now, this leads me to the next question I
want to ask you. Is your routine active or passive? because
watching lessons is a passive activity, you hit play, you could be checking your phone,
you could be talking to someone, you could be doing a million things and watching the
video so when you turn your activity into an active one, you are then becoming more
productive and how do you know you learned a specific lesson, suppose you watched a video
from me, yesterday I posted a video about 5 phrases you can use to interrupt someone
politely. How do you know you learned? Do you remember any expression? Because I could ask this question to many
people and they would have problems to remember if they only passively watched the video,
that’s why every day at the end of my lessons I ask you to post something in the comments,
to really bring English to your life and actively participate, it is not only because I want
comments, because I want view, no! I want you to turn your study moment into
an active moment. So, by asking you to post an example, to write
something, to tell me your favorite expression, I am helping you turn your study routine from
passive to active ok? and that is my goal, if you only watch the video and then you go
to sleep or then you go do your thing, you are not actively studying. And if you do this every day, you’re not being
productive, so how do you check your knowledge? do you write things down? Do you remember the information that you studied? If it is the next day and you don’t remember
anything, it is probably because you’re not doing enough active study you’re maybe too
focused on passive learning which is important, it is also important, but it is not sufficient
ot help you improve your English. ok? The next thing that I wanna ask you is do
you practice speaking alone? Now, I know this may sound silly, teacher,
I don’t have anybody to practice with, I am alone. I study alone. Well, ok, it is fine. I understand but what kind of exercises can
you do to practice English speaking alone?And honestly, if you watch my channel, you know
that there are some exercises you can do that will help you practice English speaking alone. Maybe if you study every day and you’re not
learning, what you could do is: if you study every day, dedicate some time to answering
questions. Yes!, you can find some questions on google. I have some videos here on my channel where
I recommend some websites where you can find questions and maybe ten to fifteen minutes
a day, you find these questions, you read them aloud and you start answering them. That way you will be practcing even if just
a little the speaking part. ok, so if you are not getting results, you’re
not listening to yourself, you’re not practicing intonation, you’re not practicing speaking
you’re not practicing pronunciation, and if we just stay in the theory and we don’t practice,
we’re not really getting results. We’re just getting more lessons without checking
if we are learning or not. When we try to speak, even when we are alone,
we can have a better feedback if what we are doing is working or not. So, practicing English alone can be a little
weird for some people. Some people feel a little uncomfortable, but
it is very productive if you follow some tips to learn how to do it. And finally the last thing that I wanna say,
ok, Priscila, I am studying every day, I’ve been studying for more than 6 months and it
is not happening, you know, I’ve been trying many different things. WHen a student asks me that or when my follower
subscriber tells me I am changing, I am doing many things, then I ask them: How often are
you changing your study routine? your exercises, everything you do?If the answer
is oh teacher every week I am trying to do something different. That’s a problem too. Your brain, like it or not. You brain likes and needs discipline. It needs consistency, if you are always changing
the activities, the lessons, the style, the time you study, your brain will never adpat
to the style, to the routine you are following, it will constantly change, it will constantly
need to adpat, so if you are changing too much, the lessons you do, the videos you watch,
if you are changing too much, this could be one of the reasons why your English is not
improving. You need to stay consistent for at least two,
one two months to start seeing some results, so if you change too much, you’re not giving
your brain enought time to adapt and feel comfortable with that new activity and consequently
you may have this feeling that you are not improving. ok? Very well, my friends, now to finish, I have
a question for you, what do you think you need to do to improve your English? Post here in the comments, let’s participate,
remember, turn this video into an active moment where you practice, so from all the information
I have given you in this video, what do you think you need to do to improve your English? I hope I can see your answer in the comments,
other than that, thank you so much and I will see you next time. Bye!