The laser and Emulaser control hardware window,
is where you can see all output devices connected to the software. This could be FB3 hardware, FB4 hardware,
video projectors or older things like the cards. This window will open up when new hardware
is connected. It can be opened by clicking settings>Laser
and Emulaser control hardware. Here you can see all connected output hardware
or video projector sources. You can add a video projector outputs or demo
projectors here, rearrange, move the hardware up or down, and remove hardware. Under hardware you can also refresh the entire
list, if you’re working with an entire new set of hardware. In under view, you can change how this window
looks. The order you put your output hardware in
this list will be the same in the bottom bar. And this order in your projector settings
window and your zone settings will be the same. When you connect a new hardware to the system,
that the computer has never seen before, BEYOND will warn you that you should check those
settings in projector settings window. It’s a good idea to do that after new hardware
is connected.