if you’ve got swagger and you like video
games then stand fine because you’re halfway to becoming an internet
sensation well my roommates didn’t work out so I’ve decided to supplement my
rent by becoming a world famous twitch streamer yes
twitch the video platform that more people watch than MSNBC CNN and II
combined to get me on my twitch turning of Fame I’ve learned one PC isn’t enough
you need to so meet the CyberPower pro streaming 1300 well this looks like a
standard gaming Tower it’s actually designed especially for twitch streaming
in packs to kick a species in one why – because one PC is just for gameplay
while the other is just for twist the bottom PC is where you run your game you
get a rock-solid six core rod well II Core i7
6800 K CPU on EVGA geforce gtx 1080 FTW GPU 32 gigs of ram and a 480 gig intel
540 series SSD the top pc handles all your video streaming you get a quad-core
skylake core i7 6700 eight kids of ram 128 gig intel SSD and an aviary media
live gamer HD capture card you can use a KTM or just run two keyboards monitors
and mics but at least you don’t have to plug in two power cord because it all
runs on a single corsair 850 watt psu now an 8 or 10 core Core i7 can
definitely handle you streaming and gaming but there is an
advantage to running two PC’s with the core i7 6700 handling all the encoding
streaming and your webcam you never go offline that means you can install a
driver or reboot your gaming PC will you entertain your fans on your streaming PC
that keeps all your viewers watching and say the switching channels when you
reboot and yes to be a big time streaming star it’s not just about you
playing a game it’s the entire package so prepare to do anything to get
people’s attention and the best way to get attention is to be first
I can’t believe somebody’s already playing beat you everyone on Twitch
plays games no one does music man it’s already taken
people on Twitter will watch anything I bet that means that watch me eat you’re
eating ahead of me that’s my idea I know let’s do everything hold on you probably thought this
episode was over well it’s not make sure you check out my PAX West wrap-up on
twitch with miss Harvey Kent by Reverend Kyle & Co carnage each night from
September 2nd through September 5th it’ll be like being at PAX except more
hard core