Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares. In this video, I’m going to show you how
to replace the control panel on this Hotpoint washing machine.
Now I’m only going to be replacing the fascia, which can become scratched or cracked, but
you’ll also see how to remove and replace these buttons,
knobs, lights and the printed circuit board, or PCB, which
is situated behind the control panel. Now, safety first: make sure that your washing
machine is unplugged before you start. Now I’m just
going to start by removing the dispenser drawer, and now I’ll need to remove this top panel
which I can do by unscrewing with a torx-head screwdriver.
Now I’ve removed the top panel, I can remove the fascia
by removing these three screws.
Now I’ve removed the top panel I’m going to delicately remove the
fascia from the front of the machine. I need to be careful because, as you can see, there
are a lot of wires going into it. And what I’m going
to do now is take some photos of these wires so that I can rewire
them exactly the way I’ve found them. Once I’ve taken pictures, I’m just going
to remove all of these wires.
Now we’ve removed the control panel from the washing machine, we can see
the different components that make it up. Here we have
the fascia itself, and here’s the main PCB, which simply clicks out of place. I can now
put that to one side (be careful, you don’t want to damage the
electronic components) and here now, we can see the row of
buttons. This simply clicks out of place, as does this smaller PCB which is for the
spin knob. Here we have the wash button which, as you can see, just
pops out. Here we have the row of lights which, again, just
clicks apart; and, finally, we have the on and off button which also just clicks out
of space. I’m now going to remove all of these parts so that I can
fit them onto the new fascia. Once I’ve removed all of the components
I can get my new fascia and simply re-click all them all into
place just as they were on the old one. Now you can do all this using your fingers; at
the most, you might need a flathead screwdriver, but at the most
its relatively simple. Now I’ve replaced all the components,
I can put the main PCB back on.
Now I just need to reattach all of these wires as they were. Now I just
need to reattach the fascia to the washing machine. And now I just need to put these
screws in, put the top panel on and we’re good to go. There you go. New fascia and any other control
panels that you may have wanted to replace. Thanks for