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for quality replacement parts and the best service on the Internet. Hi, I’m Don from 1A Auto. I hope this how to video helps you out and
the next time you need a part for your vehicle, think of Thanks. In this video, we are going to show you both
replacing the entire headlight assembly as well as just changing the bulb on this 2003
Nissan Altima. The process is basically the same for 2002
to 2006, although the headlights do differ from year to year. You’ll need new headlights from,
10mm socket and ratchet with extension, Phillips screwdriver, and a flat blade screwdriver. Now you can see that our vehicle is jacked
up. You don’t actually have to do this; we just
do it to make it easier for you to see and you want to just remove this Phillips screw
right here and now you can pullback that inner fender and up here you’ll see there is a 10mm
bolt right here and straight back along the same rail there, there is actually another
10mm bolt and we’ll just fast forward as Don removes both of those. Now, you have better access to get this 10mm
bolt right here and again we’ll fast forward as Don removes that. Now, at the top of your bumper cover next
to the headlight, there are these clips. You just want to use a flat blade screwdriver
to pry up the center and then it will pull right out, but this one you can see it’s broken,
we’ll use some wire cutters to get underneath it. You don’t actually cut the clip, we just use
it to help pry up the center and now you can just pull the clip right out. Now at the top of the headlight, you see there
are two 10mm bolts. Go ahead and remove both of those. Pull straight out on your bumper cover and
that will release a clip right here and now you have better access to get to this 10mm
bolt underneath the headlight right there and, again, we’ll just fast forward as Don
removes that. Now with those 10mm bolts out, you can pull
the headlight right out. You’ll need to pull back on the bumper cover
a little bit and on the back of the headlight, you’ll see this three harnesses and you just
want to push in on the tab right there and just pull straight up on them. They come right off. If you are just looking to service you bulb
for this one you just twist it counterclockwise, it pulls right out then you twist the new
one clockwise. For your turn signal bulb, twist the socket
out counter clockwise, pull the bulb straight out. You’d push your new one in and twist the bulb
back in clockwise. For this bulb, you want to turn that cover
counter clockwise and pull it back. You may have to push the wires thought it
just a little bit and then you want to pull this little clips off of the little pegs and
pull up on this little wire retainer and then your bulb will pull out and you’ll just replace
that. Push it back into place. You want to push that little retaining clip
back down over it to hold it all together. And then just reconnect those wires to those
pegs and twist that cover back on clockwise. On the left is the original. On the right is the new light from 1A Auto,
clear and bright. Make your car look better and you’ll be able
to see better at night, as well. Now you want to take the turn signal bulb
from your old light and twist it into your new light from 1A Auto and reconnect the harnesses
to your new headlight. Line your headlight up, push it into place
and then we are going to fast forward as Don replaces those two 10mm bolts at the top of
the headlight. Now the 10mm bolt on the side of the headlight
and underneath the headlight. Now push your bumper cover back into place
and replace those two 10mm bolts that hold it up. Push the inner fender back into place and
replace that Phillips screw. And all that’s left is installing those two
clips. Just push them in and push down the center
to lock them. On the passenger side is the new headlight. On the right is the old one and you can just
see in this picture how much nicer the passenger side of the car looks. Not only does it make the car look newer,
it also will help you see much farther at night. We hope this helps you out. Brought to you by, your source
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