Hi I’m Josh from eSpares. And in this video I’ll be showing you
how to change the timer in your Oven.If the display is
quite dim in your oven or if it’s not there at all or if you’re having any problems
using the buttons on your oven or the timer isn’t responding to them
there’s a good chance that it’s faulty and it’ll need to be replaced.
Now safety first make sure you’ve unplugged you’re Oven from the mains, if its
hard wired make sure it’s turned off at the wall. The first thing that will need to
do is removed the buttons from the front panel.
If the buttons are like this one and a have a specific
markings on them then it’s a good idea to take a photo of them to remind yourself of their layout when
you’re putting them back on. Now to get the buttons of I’m going to prise them of using a flat
blade screwdriver. And I’m just going to pop a cloth
underneath so I don’t damage the surface.
Now I’ve got the buttons of the next thing I need to do is to remove
the top panel so I can gain access to the timer
module inside. Now I’ve got the top panel of I’m just going
to turn the oven around so you can get a better look at what we doing inside.
Now this is the timer module here,
and the first thing that we need to do is to unclip it
It maybe on your Oven that it’s actually
held onto the front panel with a bracket. In which case you need to remove that
bracket in order to remove the timer module. But on this one I can just use a flat
blade screwdriver to pop the clips and pull it off Now the original timer is no longer
available and it’s being substituted by the
manufacturer for this one which looks slightly different.
But as long as you transfer the connections over from the old one to the new one in
exactly the same way the new one should work just fine.
And now Iv’e got the new timer all connected up I can just click that back into place. Now I can put the top panel of the oven back on. Now I’m going to use the photo that I
took from before to tell me how to put the buttons back on the
front and on the buttons back on I can turn the power to the oven on again.
Now when power has been interrupted to the oven it tends to
reset the clock. And that stops the oven from functioning. If I just turn it on neither the
circulation fun or the light have come on in the oven.
So if I just reset the clock like so you can see the circulation fan has come
on and so has the light and that indicates that the timer is working.
Now all I need to do is reset the clock and I can reinstall the oven back into its housing.
Spares for Ovens and other appliances are available on
eSpares website. Thanks for watching.