1, 2, 3, 4! Rev up your engines! It’s time for ScottyKilmer.com. Are you worried that the
timing belt on your car is wearing out? Well then today’s your
lucky day because I’m going to show you how to change
a timing belt on an engine. Now the timing belt
connects the bottom of the engine to the
top, to run the valves. And if it breaks, your
car will stop running. Or even worse, if you have
an interference engines the pistons will hit the
valves, bend the valves, and destroy your engine. Now to change a
timing belt, first you got to take the fan belts off. So loosen the nuts and
push the alternator down, and take the belt off. Then you have to take all the
bolts off the timing cover. Then once you get
the top cover off, you’ve got to get the
bottom cover off too. Now the bottom timing
cover is behind the pulley, so you’ve got to
take the bolt off that holds the
harmonic pulley in. Now sometimes you get
lucky and a pulley comes off with your bare
hands, but this one’s on tight. So you’ll need a puller,
like this, to get it off. You install the puller
right over the pulley. Then make these
bolts nice and tight on the bottom that hold it
on, so it’ll pull it off. Then just tighten the
pulley to get it off. And off it comes. Then unscrew the bolts that hold
the cover on, and pull it off. And here’s the timing
belt in all its glory. Now before you take anything
further apart on a timing belt, get some white paint and
a little paint brush, and mark all the cogs so
you know how they line up. Mark the top of the cam and the
backing plate so you know where it lines up. Then mark the crankshaft
and the bottom of the engine, so you
know where it lines. Then loosen the bolt
on a tensioner pulley. Then push down on the pulley
with a giant pair of pliers, and tighten it up, so it
stays in a loose position so you can remove the belt. The
belt just then slips right off. Here it is. Now if you didn’t draw a
picture of where your old timing belt went, it’s a good idea to
have one of these timing belt books. Shows you where they all go. And if your car is more
complicated than this Toyota, and has a lot of pulleys that
need to be lined up correctly, these books will show
you which marks go where. Then slip the belt over the
cogs so that they’re snug. Then loosen the bolt on
the tensioner pulley. And as you can see, it’s
tightened the belt up. And once the belt has tightened
itself, put a wrench on, and make the bolt nice and
snug so the tensioner stays in place. Then put it back in the reverse
order that you took it apart. Start with the
bottom timing cover. Put it back on and
install all of its bolts. And of course, don’t forget
to put the harmonic balancer back on. Slide it on so the
key is on correctly. Then give it a few taps with
a hammer to start it on. Put the bolt in
and tighten it up. Now, once you put
the pulley on, it’s a good idea to get a
cheater bar a socket and turn the engine over
two complete revolutions. And after you’ve done that, you
can recheck the alignment marks to make sure that the
engine is spinning freely and the marks are correct. Then of course, put
the top cover on, and the fan belt. Make sure
the fan belt is nice and snug. Then start her up and
see how she sounds. Now you know how to change
your timing belt. Not that bad of a job, and when you
consider what mechanics charge, you might try the
next one yourself. And remember, if you
have any car questions, just visit ScottyKilmer.com
and I’ll answer them. [MUSIC PLAYING]